Catelynn Baltierra's Reaction to Farrah Abraham Dropping Out of Boxing Match Is Epic

Tyler and Catelynn Baltierra

It's probably safe to say that Catelynn Baltierra and Farrah Abraham aren't exactly friends these days. We knew that they didn't exactly have warm fuzzy feelings toward each other since Farrah was fired from Teen Mom OG, but Cate just made it very clear on social media how she feels towards her former costar. 

  • After Farrah dropped out of an upcoming celebrity boxing match, Catelynn posted this to Instagram. 

    Last week, Farrah dropped out of the match due to what she considered to be bullying by the show promoter. She was set to fight Mob Wives star Nicole "Hoopz" Alexander and has been training and promoting the event in Atlantic City for months.

    Farrah claimed, "[Promoters] Damon Feldman and Michael Mak ... didn't deliver on their part. No flights, hotels, no coach flights, family that they agreed [to] contractually. Also, with probation, I cannot be around liabilities for further legal problems. The promoters failed to do business properly, and I’m more than happy to show off my work of training for four months."

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  • Farrah recently pleaded guilty to charges related to her arrest in June.

    Farrah was arrested at the Beverly Hills Hotel in June, and on November 2 she pleaded guilty to one misdemeanor count of resisting, delaying or obstructing a peace officer. She was sentenced to two years of summary probation and five days of community service, as well as 12 hours of anger management training. She's also been banned from the the Polo Lounge at The Beverly Hills Hotel.

    The former Teen Mom OG star told Us Weekly, "I've completed my anger management, respecting my probation and will not be putting myself around people who do not have my best interests."

  • However, there may have been another factor in Farrah's last-minute decision to pull out of the fight. 

    Her latest nemesis, Drita D'Avanzo, was announced as the fight's referee. Farrah filed a restraining order against the Mob Wives star last summer after the two started violently threatening each other after a joint appearance in Atlantic City. 

    After Farrah called her a "has been," Drita said in an Instagram video, "I don't know who you dealt with in the past but you got the wrong motherf--ker. I no longer assault anybody, OK? Because the last time someone tried to test me, they ended up putting me in jail." Drita was arrested in 2016 for attacking a woman in Staten Island, by the way. Yup, Farrah provoked someone well known for having a violent temper. 

    D'Avanzo continued, "You're not worth it. However, I might have to make an exception. But I will tell you one thing, I'm not gonna closed-fist punch your face in, I’m going to open hand smack the f--k out of you, straight up, on sight, just so you know."

  • It looks like Cate and Ty are still into the event though, and they'll likely run into at least one familiar face while they're there. 

    Teen Mom 2 star Javi Marroquin will be commentating on the fight, which will now be between Hoopz and another Mob Wives star, Natalie DiDonato. We're sure they'll have fun at the event, even if they don't get to watch "Farrah get laid the hell out."