'The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina' Has an 'Underage Orgy' Scene & It's Sparking a Major Debate

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

By now, we've had enough time to binge-watch Netflix's newest witchy reboot, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. And whoa, it's actually pretty good! Although it's definitely a lot different than the '90s classic TV show, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, it does follow a 16-year-old struggling to juggle her human life and her magic one. This show, however, is darker, more twisted, and takes place in the same universe as Riverdale (there's even a mysterious crossover happening). It's also a heck of a lot sexier, which is probably why parents aren't exactly thrilled about their kids watching it -- including an "underage orgy" scene that continues to turn heads.

*Spoilers* ahead, because this one deserves an in-depth explanation.

  • To sum it up, Sabrina Spellman's coven, The Church of Night, is pretty much a satanic cult.

    Members worship the "Dark Lord," and she's essentially being pressured to sign "The Book of the Beast" throughout the show -- which will increase her power but also require her to give up her freedom.

    In other words, she has to do whatever the Dark Lord says, even if she doesn't like it.

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  • When Sabrina is forced to attend a school with fellow witches, she quickly learns they don't operate under the same laws as mortals.

    That's especially the case when it comes to love. For example, Nick Scratch, a cute warlock who is into Sabrina, tells her that he was once involved with all three of the Weird Sisters -- a group of orphans who are basically the "mean girls" of the show -- and that he envies the love Sabrina has for Harvey.

    "That’s the one thing I envy about mortals," he tells Sabrina in the finale. "The way they can give themselves to each other. Witches are aces at passion and lust, but when it comes to love, true love, not so much.” (This is because the Dark Lord wants witches to love him and only him.)

    In an earlier scene, Father Blackwood, the high priest of the Church of Night who is having an affair with Aunt Zelda, also talks about how witches used to be polyamorous.

  • Now, for the scene that has everyone going crazy: the "teen orgy."

    In the episode "Feast of Feasts," we learn there's a Thanksgiving-like holiday where one witch is chosen to be, um, eaten as part of a controversial coven tradition. One of the Weird Sisters, Prudence, is chosen, and Sabrina is enlisted to tend to her before the feast. She pretty much gets to be spoiled until her dying day, and we guess one of the things she wanted was an orgy.

    According to Prudence, "No plebe can deny a queen on the days leading up to her sacrifice."

  • So one night, Sabrina walks in on this ...

    The scenes features all three of the Weird Sisters, her cousin Ambrose, his boyfriend Luke, and Nick. (There's a lot of kissing happening, but to be fair, no one is fully naked.) Prudence tells Sabrina to either "get in or get out," because her standing there asking questions is killing the mood.

  • More than a few people were uncomfortable with what went down.

  • Others, however, fired back about how "Sabrina" is on Netflix, is rated PG-14, and is *not* on network television.

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    As you can see from these comments, people aren't here for dismissing The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina because of the "teen orgy."

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  • There's also the fact that some of these witches aren't even teens!

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    We know for sure that Sabrina -- who did not participate -- is 16. But Ambrose is much older and has been on house arrest in the Spellman house for 75 years. Witches age differently than humans, so for all we know, they're all ancient and just having a good time.

  • Sexy and controversial scenes on teen shows are nothing new.

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    Outside of Riverdale, Pretty Little Liars romanticizes a teacher-student relationship -- and let's not even get started on Gossip Girl: Those characters were never ID'd at bars and had whole suites to themselves!

  • Plus, did people forget about the plot line?

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    Sabrina kills people, folks! Let's talk about that!

  • Parents can watch and make the decision for themselves if it's appropriate, but there's no need to single out this one (very brief) scene in one show.

    That's that!

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