20 New TV Shows to Watch in 2019 That Remind Us of Our '90s & '00s Faves

Samantha Sutton | Nov 6, 2018 TV
20 New TV Shows to Watch in 2019 That Remind Us of Our '90s & '00s Faves

The Umbrella Academy
Christos Kalohoridis/Netflix

We don’t mean to rush things, but -- OK, whoa -- it's already November, aka, the end of 2018. So, aside from planning holiday parties, shopping for presents, and watching season-friendly films (both old and new, thanks to channels like Hallmark and Lifetime), it's also a time where we start to think about the new year. For many people, January 1 represents a clean, new slate, which makes us start to wonder: What are a few things we want to accomplish in 2019? What are some new hobbies we'd like to take up? And, maybe the most important questions for pop-culture-loving-gals like ourselves to consider: What are the new TV shows that we want to start watching?!

First things first, it's important to establish exactly what our tastes are, as well as our viewing preferences. Are we looking to get into a serious crime drama that requires us to tune in at a specific time each week? Or do we want a light-hearted comedy that we can binge whenever we find a free moment to spare? Another thing that can be helpful when making a decision like this? Comparing the new shows a few similar, old favorites -- like from the '90s and '00.

Chances are, if know we're into series about aliens or vampires from way back when, we'll want to watch something current that revolves around the same topic.

So, we did a bit of research, looking up the series that are set to premiere within the coming months and comparing them to our go-tos from yesteryear. Some share a similar premise or character, while others follow a trend we saw in 2018, and are actually a straight-up reboot.


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