David Eason Threatens Another 'Teen Mom 2' Star

David Eason

We can't even with this one. David Eason allegedly just threatened Chelsea (Houska) DeBoer's dad on social media, and it's no wonder MTV fired him from Teen Mom 2 months ago. Jenelle Evans's husband made thinly veiled threats to harm Randy Houska in a now-deleted Instagram video.

  • According to Us Weekly, David threatened fan-favorite Randy Houska on an Instagram story.

    The video has been deleted, but according to the mag, Eason threatened to "realign" Randy's jaw. He reportedly said, "Mr. Randy, I'm going to ask you a question, punk. When was the last time you had your jaw realigned? Hey punk, huh? You need to get straightened up? I'll do it for ya, free of charge. Come on down to my dentist's office, bud. I can even pull teeth. I can realign your jaw."

    For those not in the know, Randy is a dentist, and frequently talks about his profession and even occasionally offers advice on social media. David went on in a second rant, while his face was apparently covered in a flag bandanna. He reportedly said, "So you trying to tell me, that some grown ass man, who is supposedly happy in his life, he’s got to keep talking sh*t about me? Why though? Maybe you don't got enough people coming in to your dentist office?"

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  • David was likely referring to Randy's tweet about Jenelle's excuse for her "missing" teeth.

    Earlier this week, fans noticed a couple of Jenelle's bottom teeth seemed to be "missing." Given Jenelle's disturbing 911 call from earlier in October, in which she claimed that he "cracked" her collarbone, fans speculated that David was the real cause behind her alleged missing teeth.

  • Randy's response came after Jenelle shared a video on Snapchat explaining the "missing" teeth.

    She said, "Supposedly I got my teeth knocked out, right? Wrong! If you're dying to know, I have a retainer. Why do I have a retainer on my teeth? Because I'm realigning my jaw. Instead of going the plastic surgery route, like most people do, I'm not."

  • We're pretty sure David is just talk in this case, but it's still some pretty threatening stuff. 

    No wonder MTV doesn't want him around anyone associated with the show anymore. After he pulled out a knife and started angrily stabbing balloons at a Teen Mom reunion, and his increasingly threatening behavior, who knows what he's capable of?