Colton Underwood's First 'Bachelor' Promo Leaves Us Wanting More

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Colton Underwood
Splash News

Colton Underwood is busy shooting the upcoming season of The Bachelor, and ABC is getting busy promoting the show. The network just released the first teaser trailer for Colton's season, and honestly -- it's pretty cringeworthy. 

  • ABC shared the short video on social media, teasing a Halloween treat.

    It was pretty standard fare as far as Colton's black suit and rose petals went, but did they really have to call the show the "Boo-chelor"? We think not. The James Bond pose was pretty over-the-top cheesy too, if you ask us.

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  • It seems as though a lot of fans weren't having it either. 

    While some comments seemed genuinely excited for Colton as the next Bachelor, there were even more that didn't seem so thrilled. He was a controversial choice, especially after it seemed like he broke up with Tia Booth on Bachelor in Paradise for the opportunity. 

  • Colton's even reportedly already been dumped by one of his ladies -- for being weird. 

    His whole virgin schtick is definitely out of the ordinary, but apparently at least one of the ladies competing for his heart said adios early in the season because in her words, he's "weird as s**t." Reality Steve got ahold of a screenshot from Annie Reardon's Snapchat, which featured an image of her smiling, with the caption "When you dump the Bachelor bc he’s weird as sh*t and are headed back to normal, happy life without psycho people."

  • Honestly, we're pretty underwhelmed with Colton at this point. 

    We predict a lot of tears this season, and only about half of them from the 26-year-old former NFL player. Not only will he have constant breakdowns about his uncertainty over his feelings (remember his conflicted feelings over Tia and Becca Kufrin? Yeah.), but we're also going to have a younger set of women this season, thanks Colton being younger himself.

    We're sure ABC will throw in a couple token 30-somethings who are actually ready for something real, and we wouldn't hate it if they rolled their eyes every time one of the 22-year-olds questions if she's really ready to settle down.

    Hey, maybe this season will be worth watching after all.