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  • Of course people went nuts that she would ditch her baby with her ex's wife to spend time with her daughter, but Amber clapped back on Twitter.

    Amber explained that people would complain about her no matter what, so she did what she felt was best for her family. She also tagged Kristina in the post, presumably because there's absolutely no bad blood between them. 

    She also tweeted, "It's you guys and the network who tries to put this rift between me and @krissyK01 and sorry but it's not going to work this time," which Kristina re-tweeted. 

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  • Gary Shirley even jumped to Amber's defense on social media. 

    He followed that tweet with another, writing, "So let’s all understand we all can judge a few seconds of someone’s life, but never know what’s going on fully. @AmberLPortwood & I are trying our best to be positive for Leah and all involved. It was only 1 day and we offered cause we knew they both needed some rest. We family."

  • Amber obviously cherishes both of her kids, so maybe we can cut her just a little slack as she tries to juggle a relationship with both of them.

    Amber nailed it in another tweet, saying, "Me and @krissyK01 are on great terms and it's not selfish to want time with your own daughter when you don't have primary (custody)." Amber is with James all day, every day, and doesn't have as much time with Leah. 

    Let's give this mama a break, shall we?