Jenelle Evans Responds to Her Horrific 911 Call Against David Eason

Jenelle Evans, Ensley Eason

She's trying to downplay it. After TMZ released a disturbing 911 call made by Jenelle Evans last weekend, the Teen Mom 2 star is saying it was all a drunken misunderstanding. 

  • After calling 911 to report that David had allegedly assaulted her last weekend, Jenelle is now saying it wasn't really that big of a deal.

    She told E! News on Friday, "It was a drunk and dramatic misunderstanding. Everything is great. We are totally fine ... just taking time off social media, time to focus on ourselves and our family."

    Shortly before the 911 call was released, Jenelle deleted her entire Twitter account, leading fans to believe something was amiss. 

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  • On the 911 call, Jenelle told the operator that her husband had "assaulted" her.

    Through hysterical sobs, she identified herself as Jenelle Eason and her husband as David Eason, and claimed, "He pinned me down on the ground in the yard, and I think I heard my f*cking collarbone crack and I can't move my arms." She also said she believed he "got violent because he was drinking."

  • Jenelle also said that four of the couple's five children were home and sleeping at the time of the incident. 

    We're assuming that that included Ensley, Jenelle and David's shared 1-year-old, and her sons Jace, 9, and Kaiser, 4, as well as his daughter, Maryssa, 11. David also has a son, Kaden, from another previous relationship but has limited visitation rights with him. 

    We're not really sure what Jenelle means by the whole thing being a "drunk and dramatic misunderstanding," but it's extra disturbing that anything of this nature happened while the kids were home. The cops were called to the house, and according to reports, Jenelle was advised of her legal rights to press charges, although she declined to do so. She also was transported to the hospital via a private vehicle, not an ambulance. 

  • We get the feeling that Jenelle is downplaying some serious charges against David, and we just hope that she stays safe.

    It's hard to believe this was all a misunderstanding when she has such a long history of being with violent men, and David himself has even shown some violent tendencies before. His explosive temper has had us worried for Jenelle more than once in the past, and this latest incident hasn't exactly assuaged our fears for her and kids. 

    We just hope that she's taking this seriously. Domestic violence is nothing to take lightly or sweep under the rug.