Jenelle Evans Claims David Eason 'Cracked' Her Collarbone in Disturbing 911 Call

Jenelle Evans, David Eason

We've been trying so hard to give David Eason the benefit of the doubt here. Despite a multitude of speculation over the past week or two that he's gotten violent with Jenelle Evans, we've been holding onto hope that it's just been that -- speculation. However, TMZ just released Jenelle's hysterical 911 call from last weekend, and it sounds like our fears weren't unfounded. 

  • We knew a 911 call had been placed from Jenelle's home last weekend and that she went to the hospital after being injured. 

    The Ashley reported earlier this week that a female had made a call from Jenelle's home about an alleged domestic assault, and even though an ambulance was initially requested, Jenelle was "transported to the hospital via private vehicle instead." She did not file charges, and her rep later stated that she had tripped over a fire while friends were over. 

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  • It turns out the truth of that 911 call is much more sinister. 

    Jenelle was hysterically sobbing on the 911 call, and she claimed to the operator that her husband, whom she identified as David Eason, had attacked her in a drunken rage and that she heard her collarbone "crack." She mentioned the pain in her collarbone several times during the four-minute call and even said that she couldn't feel her arm. 

  • She also made it clear that four of the couple's five children were home at the time of the incident. 

    Although she didn't say which ones, we're assuming that that included Ensley, their shared 1-year-old, and Jenelle's sons Jace, 9, and Kaiser, 4, as well as David's daughter, Maryssa, 11. David also has a son, Kaden, from another previous relationship but has limited visitation rights with him. 

    On the call, Jenelle also said that an "ex" was present in the house with her after David took off with some friends. Considering that most, if not all, of her exes have histories of violence, we're all sorts of confused and worried for her and the kids.

  • Given Jenelle's recent social media activity, we're not expecting her to make a statement any time soon. 

    Just before the recording of the 911 call went public, Jenelle deleted her Twitter account. We knew something was fishy, but we were so hoping it wasn't because the alleged domestic dispute between her and David had merit. 

    We just hope that Jenelle is able to get away from David, before he escalates even further.