Jenelle Evans's Worrisome Social Media Activity Isn't a Good Sign

Jenelle Evans Son Jace

Something strange is going on with Jenelle Evans, and we just hope she's OK. The Teen Mom 2 star just deleted her entire Twitter account after news broke that she was hospitalized over the weekend, possibly due to a domestic dispute with her husband, David Eason. 

  • It was reported earlier this week that Jenelle was taken to the hospital last weekend after someone made a 911 call from her home. 

    According to The Ashley, the chief of 911 operations confirmed "It was called in as an assault." The Ashley was unable to say if it was Jenelle who made the call, only that it was made by a female. Officers responded, and although an ambulance was initially requested, it was canceled, and Jenelle was "transported to the hospital via private vehicle instead."

    "The female was advised proper action," the operations chief said. "[The officers] advised what legal action she could take." Apparently, she decided to take none, as David was not arrested and no police report was filed. 

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  • According to a rep, however, Jenelle's trip to the hospital had nothing to do with David. 

    People magazine reported that a rep for Jenelle explained that she "had friends over Saturday night and they had a bonfire on her property." The rep also claimed that "Jenelle ended up tripping and falling by the fire."

  • Of course fans couldn't help but speculate, considering Jenelle's history, not to mention her other recent hospitalization. 

    Jenelle underwent surgery for a deviated septum last week, but quite a few people accused her of covering up an injury from David. They claimed that he had punched her in the face, and that's why she needed the corrective surgery. 

  • Jenelle usually addresses these sorts of controversies via Twitter, so we're just a bit concerned that she deleted the whole thing. 

    Of course it could be that she's just sick of everything and knows that no matter what she says, there are people who will believe the worst about her, her family, and her life. We just hope that she's disconnecting because she's focusing on the kids and staying away from rude comments -- not because she's trying to hide something.