Bristol Palin Fires Back at Dakota Meyer's Latest Attack

Bristol Palin, Dakota Meyer

It's getting ugly. Bristol Palin and Dakota Meyer have been airing all their dirty laundry over their divorce on social media, and it doesn't show signs of stopping. This time, Bristol is speaking out against Dakota's claim that she shut him out of her pregnancy and birth of their first child together.

  • Earlier this week, Bristol revealed that she ended her engagement to Dakota shortly after finding out she was pregnant with Sailor, now 2. 

    In a Teen Mom OG bonus clip, Bristol told her costars, "I got engaged and pregnant within a month, planned a wedding, and I was like, 'I can’t get married,' called off the wedding, went through the whole pregnancy by myself -- freaking sucked -- and then I had this baby and it’s like, 'She doesn’t have a dad.' I feel so bad."

    She continued, warning the other ladies to not rush into marriage: "So I got back together with him. We got married right away, had another baby [Atlee] right away, and then we got divorced just recently -- so don't do it." 

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  • After the clip surfaced, Dakota had his own version of events. 

    Dakota claimed that Bristol shut him out of her pregnancy with Sailor, and not only did she refuse to let him be present at her birth, but he also didn't even learn of it until he heard about it on social media. 

    He said, "I reached out to her before Sailor was born and asked what the plan was to co parent. She told me to go through the courts to establish paternity. I wasn’t invited to the birth and found out my child was born on Twitter -- can you imagine being a dad and not being allowed to be at your child’s birth? She denied my paternity until it could be proven, at which point Sailor was born. For Bristol to state that Sailor didn’t have a dad is laughable -- what really happened is Bristol kept our daughter from having a father present at birth and until the courts ruled that I was her father. I can promise you this, Sailor and Atlee always had a dad, and always will have a dad."

  • Now Bristol is setting the record straight.

    The mom of three (she also has Tripp, 9, from a previous relationship) told Radar Online that Dakota's claims were absolutely untrue. She clarified that Dakota had asked her not to contact him after their breakup, a request she only broke after her 12-week ultrasound.

    She said, "I did not hear from him again until a couple of days before my due date when I received a letter stating that he had the tools and expected to be a custodial parent. He told me he wanted a 50/50 agreement on our unborn baby. As most concerned mothers would -- I froze." Bristol also said that Dakota never requested to be present at Sailor's birth, even though he reportedly did know when she was in labor, thanks to staying in touch with her dad, Todd Palin. 

  • Bristol also claims although she did ask Dakota to go through the courts, she immediately regretted the decision once Sailor was born.

    She said, "Before her birth when I had received the letter from Dakota, I had regretfully told him to go through the court to establish paternity. I did this trying to protect our unborn baby, and not knowing what type of parent he was going to be. My heart was quickly changed the second I laid eyes on our beautiful baby girl. My heart broke knowing our baby did not have a father present, and at that moment -- I realize the completely unnecessary mistake I had made of telling him to go through the court system. Dakota unfortunately continued down the legal route of establishing paternity, and refused to meet our child until he had legal visitation with her, which did not happen overnight."

    She concluded, "Although I have made plenty of mistakes over the years, I will continue to do what's best for my children and continue to praise Dakota as an outstanding father. I hope our relationship can get to a better place soon. The best security blanket a child can have is parents that respect each other."

  • There's obviously no way to know exactly what happened between Bristol and Dakota.

    We just hope that they can get on the same page when it comes to co-parenting. Considering that their divorce is so fresh -- it was just finalized this summer -- it may be a while before things really settle down. 

    Until then, we can probably buckle up for more of the he said, she said roller coaster ride.