Chelsea DeBoer Is Already Making Plans for Baby #4

Chelsea DeBoer Kids

Three kids and counting! Chelsea (Houska) DeBoer just gave birth to her third child less than two months ago, but apparently she's already thinking about having more with her beloved hubby, Cole DeBoer. The Teen Mom 2 star opened up this week about how many more kids she wants, and honestly, we're not totally surprised she's not done yet. 

  • After all, this is the woman who once said she wanted "a million Coley-babies."

    Plus she's such an amazing mama to Aubree, 9, Watson, 20 months, and Layne, 1 month, that we can't help but root her on.

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  • Chels did an AMA session on her Instagram story Thursday night and revealed how many more babies she is planning. 

    We are so here for all the babies Cole and Chelsea want to have together. When another fan asked how she dealt with mom-shaming, she had the perfect response. She said, "I am confident with my mom choices. So what others say doesn't bother me. My kids are happy and LOVED." 

  • Chels also got hilariously real about having three kids now.

    Moms know it's hard enough to get out of the house with one -- let alone three, two of whom are in diapers. Chelsea may never be on time again.

    We also love that she owned her helicopter parenting and explained that their over-protectiveness of their kids has kept them from hiring a nanny. When asked if they had help with the kids, Chels revealed that they only recently started letting their parents watch Watson. When asked what took so long for the grandparents to babysit, she explained, "We RARELY go out, no reason to have a sitter. And we are [helicopter] parents lol."

  • We seriously can't get enough of Chelsea's amazing little family.

    Of course, having more babies is entirely her decision, but we're still not so secretly thrilled that she's made it clear she's having more. It's going to be so fun watching these sweet babies grow up!