20 of the Highest-Paid Real Housewives, Ranked

Samantha Sutton | Oct 15, 2018 TV
20 of the Highest-Paid Real Housewives, Ranked

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Admittedly, we’re big fans of reality TV. There's just something about watching other people’s drama play out on screen that makes us feel a teeny, tiny bit better about all that's happening in our own lives. We know we're not alone as shows like Jersey Shore and The Bachelor have massive fan bases. So what, pray tell, is another one of the most popular must-watch series out there? Why, the Real Housewives, of course! It doesn't matter where they're from -- Atlanta, Beverly Hills, Dallas, New Jersey, New York City, Potomac, Orange County -- or how they got their fortune. These ladies are a treat to watch that have us tuning in, curious to find out the details on the next group trip ... or group feud.

Of course, the topic of payment has come up quite a few times. These ladies might live lavish lifestyles prior to getting their TV gig, but a healthy, seasonal paycheck from Bravo definitely doesn't hurt, either. TBH, that could be the reason why most of them continue to sign on in the first place.

So how much are these housewives getting for their silly antics and screaming matches?

Well, the truth is, it varies from city to city, and woman to woman. Not every report that's floating around on the Internet is 100 percent accurate -- with many simply being estimates based off each person's supposed net worth. Still, it's quite intriguing to count up home many coins the housewives we love (and love to hate) allegedly rake in.

As it turns out, the ladies of Atlanta are really raking in the big bucks, but the other cities aren’t too far behind.

So here's a look at some of the highest-paid housewives -- including those who were once "friends" of the show before becoming regular cast members.
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