Leah Messer Shares New Pics of Jason Jordan on Instagram -- It's Getting Serious!

Leah Messer

Say what you want about the age difference between Leah Messer and Jason Jordan, but we've never seen this girl this happy! On Wednesday, Leah showed off her new BF on Instagram, and we can't get over the fact that they seem so perfect together. And after seeing this mama single for so long, we can't imagine anyone who deserves this happiness more. 

  • Can we talk about how beautiful this selfie is, first of all? 

    Leah even called him "bae" in her caption, which is so adorable.

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  • The cuteness didn't stop there, though -- she also uploaded this pic of them having fall fun in a corn maze.

    This is a pretty big deal, y'all. Until now, Jason hadn't made too many appearances on Leah's Instagram, probably because she was trying to keep things as private as possible. But now, thanks to the few posts she has shared with him, we know that he's hung out with her kids, loves to go on adventures with her, and he always has her smiling -- and we love that about him.

  • In fact, in honor of his birthday last month, Leah shared this pic of him swinging with Addie.

    It looks like he already fits right in with the fam! We can't wait to see him in action on Teen Mom 2 next season... as long as Leah wants their relationship to be filmed, that is. 

  • We can't get enough of happy Leah -- and if this is Jason's doing, we're on board.

    Share more pics, please!