Our Favorite Jordan Kimball Moments From 'The Bachelorette' & 'Bachelor in Paradise'

Nicole Pomarico | Oct 10, 2018 TV
Our Favorite Jordan Kimball Moments From 'The Bachelorette' & 'Bachelor in Paradise'

Jordan Kimball

During his time on The Bachelorette, Jordan Kimball was definitely a polarizing contestant. Some people loved him, some people hated him, and everyone else just didn't know what to think. But after competing for Becca Kufrin's heart and then joining the cast of Bachelor in Paradise, fans have been falling in love with him -- and it's almost impossible not to. He's had so many hilarious moments and quotes from his time on the shows that have sealed his place in Bachelor Nation as a fan favorite, and we have a feeling he's only going to become more lovable from here. And have you seen the guy? He's funny and good looking to boot.

If you weren't sure about Jordan at first, we totally get it -- it was hard to tell exactly how serious he was bragging about his modeling career, and right off the bat, it seemed like this guy was going to be super eye roll inducing. But after awhile, we figured out that he actually doesn't take himself seriously at all, and even though he is a male model (and a very good one at that!) his personality was more of a draw than anything else.

And then, after getting to know him better on BiP, we were sold. Not only did he seem to genuinely care about the other people in paradise (and Jenna Cooper -- we're still sad about the way that one worked out) but he also seemed like he wanted to make everyone laugh, and that's a personality trait we can definitely get behind.

Here are all of Jordan's unforgettable moments and quotes from The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise. What are the chances he could provide commentary on all future seasons from here on out? 

  • When Becca Gave Him the Golden Underwear


    This might be the most unforgettable moment Jordan's ever had on the franchise, being that his golden underwear became so iconic ... and of course, what he said to the cameras afterward truly made this scene. 

    "I went from Captain Underpants to Caption Steal Everyone's Girl," he said. Oh, Jordan.

  • His 'Bachelor in Paradise' Intro Shot

    Jordan Kimball

    What do we love more -- Jordan's pose or the golden underwear making yet another appearance?

  • The Tapping Heartbeat of a Gentleman


    Why did Jordan wear shoes with a bit of a heel for the first night on The Bachelorette? So that Becca would hear him walking and think of it as the "tapping heartbeat of a gentleman," of course.

    Then, he went on to explain he spent six hours picking out his outfit. Of course he did.

  • His Reaction to Mexico 


    As soon as Jordan arrived in paradise, he had the perfect reaction: "A place as beautiful as me -- finally," he said.

    One thing's for sure: His confidence is unmatched.

  • 'Zoolander' Is Too Accurate 

    Jordan Kimball, Becca Kufrin

    On one of their dates, Becca asked Jordan if Zoolander was accurate about the world of male models ... and not only did Jordan explain that it was, but he went on to show her all of his best modeling expressions. Then, he started talking about how he wished he could show her his portfolio. Can't lie -- it was hilarious as much as it was semi-obnoxious.

  • His Smile


    We all know that Jordan has a pretty good grin -- especially when he's up to something -- and on BiP, he couldn't help but brag about it a bit.

    "This big bright smile -- it's a curse," he said.

  • David's Head Is in His Underpants


    Jordan is worried about making things work with Becca, and David is thinking about Jordan's golden underpants. Well, to be fair, weren't we all at that point on The Bachelorette

  • He Compared Himself to a Golden Retriever


    He said it was because when he's in a relationship he's "loyal and dependable," but then he also said he's like a Jack Russell terrier.

    "Take me to the show, watch me dance around, and then give me some ice cream," he said.

    Golden retriever or terrier? Either way, we could listen to him talk about these comparisons all day.

  • He's Too Good to Be True


    On Men Tell All after The Bachelorette, Jordan had a pretty comical response to the other contestants' reactions to him on the show.

    "My sense of humor tied with my confidence -- people were like, 'This guy? There's no way he's real,'" Jordan said. 

    You gotta admire that self-esteem!

  • Karma, Karma, Karma


    When David fell out of his bunk bed on The Bachelorette, of course Jordan had a few words on the subject to share about his mortal enemy.

    "I talk to God every day, and people who go against me just end up hurt sometimes," Jordan said with a shrug. Um, what?!

  • He Went Off on David


    OK, Jordan was serious in this moment, but it was still funny the way things played out. It all started when David was teasing him about his 4,000 Tinder matches (and 100 percent swipe rate, apparently) and Jordan went off. Good for him!

  • Joe & Jordan Cracking Up


    It all started when Joe was upset that Kendall was going on a date with Leo (and we all know how that turned out) but when they started talking about the fact that they legit posed for a romance novel together, Joe and Jordan could not stop laughing, and it was impossible not to laugh along with them.

  • He Took Off All His Clothes


    One of the earliest unforgettable moments of Jordan's was when he paraded around the Bachelor mansion so shamelessly after stripping off all of his clothes except for his underwear. If he was trying to make an impression on Becca this way, it definitely worked.

  • The Pensive Gentleman


    Remember when Jordan explained his "personal brand" to the Bach cameras -- known as "the pensive gentleman" -- to convince everyone how important eyebrows are?

    "He could have a glass of scotch, he could have a book in his hand. He could have a flower in his hand, giving it to a lady," he said. "The power is in the brows."

  • He Threw the Stuffed Dog in the Ocean


    After David arrived in paradise and tried to win Jenna over with a stuffed dog, Jordan promptly took the dog from her and tossed it into the ocean. Better yet? He apologized the next day, because he felt bad about it.

  • And the Outfit He Was Wearing That Night


    EVERYONE was impressed with Jordan's ... romper?

  • He Could Live in a Cardboard Box


    On Men Tell All, Jordan told Chris Harrison, "You can literally put me in a cardboard box and I will have the best time." Judging by his behavior on these shows, we don't really doubt him. Can we make that happen and film it for the next season of BiP, please?

  • Won't You Be My Neighbor?


    Jordan was mad when David showed up in paradise ... and he let the world know. In Jordan's mind, he is Mr. Rogers, just rocking a cardigan and trying to get along with everyone. But David? According to Jordan, he is the "opposite of Mr. Rogers," and Jordan does not want to be his neighbor.

  • This Exchange Between John & Jordan


    At first, Jordan was mad that John interrupted his segment just because he wanted a hug, but the entire situation ended up being pure gold. The best part? When John didn't know Colton and Tia had left paradise because he was napping, and Jordan had to explain to him that you're actually allowed to leave paradise anytime you want.

  • Checking Himself Out in the Camera


    You're not a real model if you don't work those angles.

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