Conspiracy Theory Surrounding the Jenna Cooper & Jordan Kimball Cheating Scandal Just Blew Our Minds

jenna cooper

Man. Ever since all the drama with Jenna Cooper being accused of cheating on Jordan Kimball went down after the Bachelor in Paradise finale, we've been sitting here shaking our heads over what actually happened between them. Did Jenna really have another relationship the whole time she was engaged to Jordan? Are the texts that supposedly surfaced between her and this alleged person legit -- or was she framed somehow? And does she truly have proof that this is nothing more than an attempt to damage her character? The questions are endless, and we honestly aren't sure what to believe at this point.

  • Especially now that a seriously insane conspiracy theory has entered the realm of possibility.

    Get this one -- some fans seem to believe that Jordan is behind this whole ordeal, and that he's the one who somehow managed to "fabricate" the texts on Jenna's phone -- all in an effort to get out of the relationship while ensuring that he doesn't wind up being painted as the bad guy.

    Seriously -- you can't make this stuff up.

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  • It's this particular message from Jenna that got people talking.

    Her little tease about there being a "huge twist" in this crazy saga actually has people wondering if Jenna is possibly the victim -- and Jordan is potentially the biggest villain we've ever encountered in the show's history.

    I, for one, am not buying it and I'm #TeamJordan all the way. But still. This new theory is not totally impossible to believe.

  • Hmm ...

    Huh. If Jordan really wanted out of the relationship that badly, then why wouldn't he just, you know, break things off like normal people do every day, and then release some statement on Instagram about how "He and Jenna still love and respect each other and wish each other the best and ask for privacy during this difficult time blah blah blah ..."?

    Why in the hell would he go so far as to aim to completely demolish her character?

    Something doesn't add up. 

  • And here's another variation of the "Jordan is the bad dude" theory.

    So ... this person isn't necessarily saying Jordan is the one behind the alleged texts but is using what happened as an excuse to move on and come out on top. M'kay ...

  • Another doubter finds it interesting that Jordan never came to Jenna's defense.

  • The fact that Jordan's career is taking off certainly isn't helping matters.

    But let's not forget that Jordan IS a model, and plenty of people who have appeared on the Bachelor franchise of shows wind up making bank on Instagram because of their reality TV show fame, so is it really such a huge surprise that Jordan is in high demand right now? 

    Food for thought.

  • Of course, then there's this ...

    Wait a minute. Revenge Bod? If Jenna really was the target of some sort of smear campaign that was carried out by a third party, why would she be talking about getting her revenge bod on after calling off her wedding?

    Holy s***, people. Is there really a shred of a chance that this big twist she hinted at really is a diabolical plan by Jordan to ruin her life? 

  • Jenna also left this cryptic comment on another photo she shared this week on Instagram.

    "Keep your cards close ..."?!?

    OMG the suspense is killing us. If Jenna truly is innocent, WHO DID THIS?

  • This person pretty much summed up how all of us will feel if Jordan was involved in any way.

    I'm with ya, Candy. I'll lose me mind too.

  • For the love of all that is good and wonderful about Bachelor in Paradise -- PLEASE DON'T LET THIS BE TRUE!

    And if it is? There isn't enough makeup and hair products in the world that will be able to cover up the look of sheer disappointment on our faces.

    Seriously. Can't. Deal.