Another New Baby Joins Bachelor Nation

Jillian Harris

There's another new baby in Bachelor Nation! Jillian Harris just introduced the world to her newest addition, a daughter named Annie. The Bachelorette alum and her fiance, Justin Pasutto, both announced the happy news on social media and shared some sweet snaps of their new baby girl. 

  • Jillian shared this precious photo of their newborn on Monday morning.

    She added the caption, "Welcome sweet Annie ... @justinpasutto best date night ever ... a little golf, a little party in the delivery room, a little push, and a new little one to love!"

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  • Justin also shared one, adding a simple, "Hello [world] I’m Annie."

    It's the second kiddo for the couple, who are also parents to 2-year-old Leo. When they announced their second pregnancy in the spring, Harris revealed how she thought Leo would adjust to becoming a big brother. She said, "It'll be his big competition. It'll be interesting. He gets very jealous. Even if I give [our dog] Nacho too much attention, he'll just come right over and try and get in there. Poor guy. But he has to get ready!"

  • In her stories, Jillian revealed how they came up with Annie's name.

    The new mom of two said that her daughter's name came from her father's mother, and she even said that her daughter already resembles her great-grandmother. 

    Even before finding out that she was having a girl, Jillian confessed that she'd love to be a mom of a daughter. She said shortly after revealing she was pregnant, "Every woman dreams of having a baby daughter to dress in cute clothes and put little pink bows in their hair ... But we'll be excited no matter what."

  • Congrats to the new family of four!

    We can't wait to hear more from Jillian about how things are going. She confessed after Leo was born that she had a rough time of it but felt much better after taking placenta pills. She hasn't mentioned it yet, but we'd be willing to bet that she's doing the same thing this time with baby Annie. Hey, a new mom's got to do what a new mom's got to do.