Bristol Palin & Dakota Meyer Attack Each Other Again on Social Media

Bristol Palin, Dakota Meyer

These two didn't exactly have an amicable split. Bristol Palin and Dakota Meyer have been going at it against each other on social ever since their divorce was finalized this summer, and this week has been no exception. Both exes took jabs at each other on their Instagram Stories, and it's probably safe to say they're never, ever getting back together. 

  • During an "ask me anything" session on Instagram earlier this week, Dakota made a snide comment about his ex-wife. 

    When asked how they're getting along these days, he responded that it's better than ever because they're not speaking to one another. We're not exactly sure how that's working out with joint custody of their daughters, Sailor, 2, and Atlee, 1, but we do know that they have some sort of arrangement in place.

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  • The Medal of Honor winner was asked about the "most difficult task" he's ever faced, and he said it was negotiating his custody agreement for his children.

    In another post, he said that "being a dad is a title I take very seriously and is by far the most important role I've been given."

    Dakota shared, "I love EVERYTHING about it. But my favorite is when I can make them laugh. They deserve the world and all the happiness their hearts could get so when I feel like I'm giving them that, nothing can compare."

  • Bristol and Dakota split earlier this year, and the divorce was finalized in August.

    In her own AMA session on Instagram over the weekend, Bristol explained that Dakota was the one who ended it, writing, "I didn't. He filed." She also said that as much as she'd love to move back home to Alaska, it's not something her ex would ever let her do. She wrote, "My ex would never let me move back home so Texas it is for the next 16 years, 7 months."

  • It's going to be interesting to see how much of their drama plays out this season on Teen Mom OG.

    Bristol signed onto the show this season, but it's unclear if Dakota will appear as well. We can be sure to hear at least her side of the story though -- and we have a feeling it's not going to be very flattering toward him.

    Hopefully these two continue their path of not speaking if it's going to be drama for their kids. Maybe someday they'll even get to the point of not talking about each other. We won't hold our breath.