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  • Also earlier this year, Maci and her husband, Taylor McKinney, were granted restraining orders against Ryan for the whole family -- Bentley included. 

    The order against Bentley was dropped after not too long, but Ryan is still ordered to stay away from Taylor, Maci, and their two children, Jayde, 3, and Maverick, 2, for the next two years. 

    Since Ryan has been allowed to see Bentley again, it's unclear how much time he's spent with his son, but according to Maci, at least their relationship has gotten healthier. She even said she believes there's hope for their relationship.

    Maci explained: "Bentley has gotten older and is kind of understanding a little bit more about what's going on. I don't want to say they've gotten closer, but I think that it's gotten healthier only because I think it relieves some of the pressure from each of them. Bentley was a child, like, wondering what's really going on. I think if the right steps are taken from here, then it will end up good."

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  • She said that she and Taylor try to be "open and honest" with Bentley about his dad.

    Maci explained, "You don't want to smother them, but you also want to make sure that they come to you with anything that they're thinking or feeling or any questions that they may want answers to. It's really just a matter of keeping the line of communication open and also making sure that we aren't telling too much or giving too much of our feelings or opinions. It's more about information, rather than speaking about his dad because at the end of the day, Ryan is still his dad. Neither one of us want to ever put some sort of barrier between the possibility of a better relationship when it comes to Ryan and Bentley."

  • The mom of three also said that she's co-parenting fine with Ryan's parents, Jen and Larry. 

    Ryan Edwards Parents

    Because she and Ryan have a no-contact order in place, Maci communicates with Jen and Larry Edwards, who facilitate time with Ryan and Bentley. She said of her relationship with them, "We've all been through the ringer in the last couple years, but we're still co-parenting with them. Sometimes we don't always agree, and we may not be very happy with each other, but at the same time we all respect each other and appreciate our goal."

    She continued, "I don't think that there will ever come a time when we're unable to co-parent with Jen and Larry. Mainly because we don't let our feelings get in the way of what's important and the relationships that are necessary for Bentley to have."