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  • Cate recently opened up to Us Weekly about expecting again, and how her battles with depression and anxiety weren't going to keep her from becoming a mom again.

    She told the magazine, "I'm not gonna let that hold me back from the one of the most beautiful things in life, which is children. I just have to continue therapy and work through it."

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  • Catelynn even thinks that the miscarriage happened for a reason, as devastating as it was.

    She explained that she didn't feel mentally well at all during that pregnancy, and losing the baby forced her to confront her demons. She shared, "The last time I got pregnant I had really bad anxiety. With this pregnancy it's completely different. I'm not anxious. I'm not depressed. I'm actually in a really good mental state with this one. The treatment I had really helped with that. I feel like everything happens for a reason. God puts certain things in your life for a reason and takes certain things away for a reason."

    She continued, "As devastating as the miscarriage was, I really feel like I've worked with my counselor. I really believe in my heart that I was meant to have that miscarriage because I spiraled so hard that it forced me to go to a place where I really had to dig into my childhood traumas and things like that that I have not really dug in before. I really think that it was a push to really work harder on things that I really wasn’t working on even though it was a sad and emotional thing. I really think that that baby was meant to leave so that way I was meant to really dig deeper on my wounds from my childhood."

  • She also talked about how she'll discuss mental health with her children, especially Nova.

    Obviously Nova was old enough to be aware that her mom wasn't home while she was in in-patient therapy, and Cate opened up about how she'll explain it to her someday. She said that Nova has been practically attached to her hip since she returned home, and that she's not planning on keeping the truth from her when she's older.

    "I'm just going to be honest with her, and honestly with children, I think is the best way to go about things. Also, if she ever struggles with anxiety or anything like that, I'll be, like, her best teacher," she explained. "I think it'll show her that Mom had a really rough time, but she powered through and worked on herself and had to be a little bit selfish in that moment. So I think she'll understand."

  • We couldn't be happier for Catelynn and Tyler. They've overcome so much together and deserve all the happiness in the world. 

    Cate even mentioned that Ty has been working on his own mental health this past year too. She said her husband has "been going to therapy for a really long time" and has continued to work on himself mentally and emotionally. Earlier this year, Tyler opened up about being diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and Cate said that he's in a good place now.

    This couple is an amazing example of being real with each and their own struggles. We wish nothing but the best for them both in this new chapter of life.