Chelsea DeBoer's Post About Baby Layne Is One All Parents Can Relate To

Chelsea DeBoer

She's living the newborn life! Chelsea (Houska) DeBoer shared a new mom sentiment on social media last night, and honestly, anyone who has ever parented a new baby should be able to relate.

  • Late Monday night, Chels shared her troubles on her Instagram Stories.

    Um, story of the new mom life, right? There's nothing that can get a baby to poop faster than a parent sleeping -- except maybe a clean diaper, of course. Something about having a fresh canvas to work with. 

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  • Don't be too worried about Chels though, she shared on Twitter shortly after that baby Layne is actually pretty chill.

    Cole DeBoer and Chelsea welcomed baby number three just a few weeks ago, on her own birthday, August 29. Layne joined big brother Watson, 20 months, and big sister Aubree, 9, from Chelsea's previous relationship with Adam Lind.

    The Teen Mom 2 star is certainly not a newbie to the whole baby thing, and we're glad to hear that Layne has been behaving herself for the most part.

  • Chels did admit that she had a rough start with breastfeeding her sweet baby girl, as she was dealt a painful complication. 

    Chelsea shared with her fans that she suffered mastitis after Layne was born, and it was so painful she thought it was worse than giving birth. Thankfully it passed, and according to glimpses from Cole's Instagram stories, it looks like breastfeeding is going better these days. 

  • Hey, if Layne is keeping her parents up all hours of the night, maybe we can hope for even more sweet photos?

    We seriously can't get enough of this baby girl.