Bekah Martinez May Have Already Tied the Knot With Baby Daddy Grayston Leonard

Bekah Martinez Boyfriend

She shocked Bachelor Nation this week with the bombshell news that she's pregnant, but is Bekah Martinez a brand-new wife as well as being a brand-new mama? Fans are convinced that she and Grayston Leonard have already tied the knot, and it's not like anything would surprise us at this point. 

  • It started when Grayston posted a very wedding-y looking photo of them on the beach together. 

    He joked in the caption, "Stuck with this beach," probably referencing his growing progeny in her womb, but it still made fans wonder about their marital status. 

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  • And then he seemingly confirmed it with another photo, where actually used the word "marriage."

    Grayston added the caption, "After 48 hours of marriage, I am foregoing a life with Rebekah for an annulment. she’s not happy about it."

    Bekah threw us for a loop earlier this week when she announced via PureWow that she's expecting the couple's first baby in 2019. She said that it happened just three months into their relationship and has been open about it being unplanned. Even so, they're both looking forward to being parents.

  • But don't pop the sparkling cider over wedding bells between these two yet!

    Leonard confirmed on his Instagram Stories after posting those "wedding" photos, "No, we aren't married." Womp, womp. Although it makes sense that they're waiting to see how things go, considering it's still a fairly new relationship. 

    Bekah even had this to say about marriage in her interview announcing the pregnancy: "It's a horrible idea for us to consider with all of the hormones and the stress we're experiencing. The last thing we need is to consider another commitment on top of what we're already going through … Regardless, we're bound together by sharing this little life."

  • We have a feeling this lady will get married if and when she wants -- not just because social convention dictates it. 

    After all, what else could we expect from this earthy mama-to-be who doesn't even care to shave her pits if she doesn't feel like it? Maybe she'll get married and maybe she won't -- but we have no doubt she's going to be one awesome mom.