Jenelle Evans Gets Raked Over the Coals for Ignoring Hurricane Evacuation Order

Jenelle Evans

She's staying put, and that's all there is to it. Hurricane Florence just made landfall in North Carolina, not far from the home of Jenelle Evans and David Eason, but the Teen Mom 2 stars have still refused to evacuate. So far Jenelle has been keeping her fans updated on social media, but honestly, we're super worried about her.  

  • Late Thursday night Jenelle tweeted that they hadn't been flooded out yet

    Of course this was several hours before the hurricane actually hit land, and fans let her know their thoughts about her decision to stay home instead of evacuating. Multiple people responded with tweets like "You realize the worst is to come right? This was at like what, 2-3am your time? The outer wall of the eye is hitting yall now. Hope your family stays safe, but gloating and trying to prove people wrong when you have another 2+days of torrential rain is pointless."

    Another person pointed out that she might not be acting on her free will. They wrote, "You shouldn’t make your kids suffer just b/c you want to play victim & get sympathy from others. That’s selfish. Just when we think you’ve changed ever so slightly for the better you go & do this. But we all know that this is David’s idea & you go along w/whatever he says so..."

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  • An insider told that it's David's fault she hasn't evacuated. 

    According to the source, "She says she and David have taken all the necessary precautions as far as getting water and food ready. And they’ve secured the house and put plywood over the windows so the glass won’t shatter."

    They continued, "Of course that hasn’t stopped people worrying about Jenelle. A lot of her friends and family are blaming David for this decision, but Jenelle is insisting it was just as much her choice. She's confident that the best choice for her family is to stay put and ride out the storm and she really wishes people would just stop judging her and worry about their own families."

  • Jenelle has reassured fans that she's not in the direct path of the hurricane. 

    She tweeted earlier this week after being criticized for staying in her home, "I do not live in the evacuation zone or a flood area. Not sure what county you think I live in." In all fairness, we're all pretty aware of the fact that her house is sinking, and pretty much the whole state is getting drenched by rain right now. Even if they chose not to leave the area, it may have been a good idea to get out of the sinking house. 

  • We just hope Jenelle and her family stay safe. 

    Obviously she's used to hurricanes, having grown up in the Carolinas, but we hope she hasn't misjudged the severity of this one.