16 Chilling Ways 'American Horror Story' Sums Up Life as a Parent

Image: FX Networks

Sarah Paulson in American Horror Story
FX Networks

Since its premiere in 2011, American Horror Story, and its unforgettable anthology, has become a household horror series we cannot escape. It's so good and chilling and frightening (and crazy) that keeps us coming back intrigued, wondering about what sinister story line is in store and which actors plan on reprising their infamous roles. Each season, AHS mixes things up with its plot to showcase more craziness that would be a living nightmare if it crossed into reality.

And want to know something else crazy? Some of it could easily sum up life as a parent.


While it's pretty safe to say no mom or dad expects to contend with the undead, random aliens, and maybe the Antichrist (clowns appearing out of nowhere, however, are still questionable as that happened in real life), there are some parallels between the American Horror Story series and parenting that aren't far-fetched.

Some domestic horror happens on an almost daily basis that causes someone to scream, households -- and the endless amount of randomness and mess kids create -- could very well make things look like a post-apocalyptic, and keeping patience without losing it can feel like a deserving trip to the asylum. So yeah, parenting is hard and can sometimes feel like moms and dads are guest-starring in a nightmare -- like American Horror Story (LOL).

For the sake of a good laugh and the reminder our best is all we can try to give, here are some fun (and funny) ways American Horror Story sums up being a parent.