'Bachelor' Nation Rallies Around Jordan Kimball in the Wake of Jenna Cooper Cheating Scandal

Paul Hebert/ABC

Jordan Kimball, Jenner Cooper
Paul Hebert/ABC

Is it just us, or are you still feeling pretty blindsided by the Jordan Kimball and Jenna Cooper situation? A few days ago, they seemed like one of the most solid couples on Bachelor in Paradise, only to find out that Jenna was reportedly cheating on Jordan the entire time they were together. And now that the word is out, it seems like Bachelor Nation is taking Jordan's side, with a few exceptions.

  • We're pretty much beside ourselves when it comes to this situation.

    Jenna Cooper, Jordan Kimball
    Paul Hebert/ABC

    And after Reality Steve broke the news on Tuesday, we didn't want to believe it. Jordan and Jenna seemed made for each other, quirks and all -- so how could she do this to him? 

    But Jordan has confirmed that he and Jenna are over, and he made an Instagram post filling fans in on what's going to happen next. And so far, in the comments, so many members of Bachelor nation are coming forward to share their support. 

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  • The comments full of love for Jordan are practically never-ending:

    Jade, Kevin, Wells, Colton -- looks like the gang showed up in force.

  • There are even more comments from Bekah, Bibiana, Chris, and Chelsea... 

  • And Nick, Connor, Leo, Demario, Kenny, and Vinny. The list goes on and on.

  • And as for Jenna? Well, she posted an Instagram explanation of her own, claiming the allegations were false, but so far it doesn't seem like any of her costars have commented.

    Because of that, it's hard to see who's supporting her in this, but Kendall Long and Jacqueline Trumbull have both liked the photo, so that must mean something, right? 

    It's hard to imagine how anyone could take Jenna's side in this situation, though. We know that Jenna is saying that the texts are fake and she's taking legal action, but we have our doubts about her claims. If Jordan truly believes that those texts were sent by her, wouldn't he know better than anyone?

  • Whatever happens next, we just hope Jordan is OK.

    It seems like this news is hitting him hard -- which is to be expected in a situation like this. He doesn't deserve to be treated this way!

    Jordan, we're rooting for you. Pull out those golden undies and show the world what you're made of!