'The Hills' Reboot Is Happening but Not Everyone Is on Board -- So We Have Questions

The cast of the Hills
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By now, you've probably heard news The Hills is rebooting after ending its run on MTV eight years ago. The hit reality show blessed us with 30 minutes of quintessential drama as Lauren Conrad navigated life after Laguna Beach with her friends -- and some frenemies -- that included holding down real jobs, trying to date, and deal with people stabbing you in the back. There have been whispers about a Hills reboot in the past, and as happy as we are to see the show return, we have our hesitations ... like Justin Bobby promised Audrina he wouldn't act a damn mess, but the lie detector determined that was a lie kind of hesitations.

  • A number of cast members hit the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards red carpet where the news many of us have been waiting to hear was announced:

    The cast of The Hills at the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards
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    Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt -- along with their 10-month-old son, Gunner Stone -- were present and accounted for, along with Audrina Patridge, Stephanie Pratt, Justin Bobby, Frankie Delgado, and Jason Wahler, who are all coming back to the show.

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  • The Hills: New Beginnings is set to premiere in 2019, which will likely give us our '00s feels.

    The Hills is definitely a beloved MTV show many people wanted to see make a comeback.

  • And as exciting as the big reveal was (yas to Natasha Bedingfield's "Unwritten" remix!), we aren't 100 percent sold and have questions.

    People notes "The Hills: New Beginnings will reunite original cast members, alongside their children, friends and returning favorites, and follow their personal and professional lives while living in Los Angeles."

  • For starters, Kristin Cavallari and Lauren Conrad are NOT signed on -- which already makes this reboot a buzzkill.

    LC drew her "I'm so over reality TV" line in the sand a long time ago, so we already recovered from that blow and cleared our eye of a single black mascara tear.

    But Kristin Cavallari not joining? Yeah, we don't know about that one.

    Kristin was practically the glue that helped keep everyone together on The Hills and the plotlines stirring after Lauren's departure during the sixth and final season. She was kinda the homegirl who told it like it was and didn't back down from how she felt.

    The celeb mom has contractual obligations to her Very Cavallari show on E! that will keep her from joining in the reboot that makes us a little sad, but we get it.

  • ... which likely means Heidi and Spencer will be the ones to carry the show.

    Looks like their "make Speidi famous again" campaign is now a reality ... which is kinda scary.

  • But Whitney Port is returning, so that's a win.

    Lo Bosworth also has no intentions of returning to The Hills but, TBH, we have no tears to shed about that.

  • Next question: What in the hell are we supposed to do with Jason?

    He legit was on the show for like a season and is still the cautionary tale about what happens when you put some unworthy boyfriend over a career opportunity of a lifetime (spoiler alert: no Paris) -- and is about as relevant as Jen Bunney and Staci "the Bartender."
  • Frankie, however, can stay.

    Frankie might not have his buddy Brody Jenner to hit the town with, but he could be a rising star on The Hills: New Beginnings instead of the fun-loving sidekick. He traded in his party pass for playdates ages ago and is a hands-on dad of two (yes, we're that old) and the kind of representation we need more of on TV.

  • Will The Hills: New Beginnings try to stir up that tired Audrina and Justin storyline?

    Justin Bobby and Audrina's on-again, off-again relationship was quite entertaining for a few seasons on the show ... but we have grown people responsibilities now -- like kids and paying bills and stuff -- and don't have time to watch MTV try to put Humpty Dumpty back together again.

  • Or script some funky love triangle between Audrina, her boyfriend, Ryan Cabrera, and Justin Bobby?

    In the words of Ryan Cabrera during a season six episode: "I don't really want to be a part of this stupid sh*t."

  • Will the moms of the crew come together for weekend brunches like Carrie and her girls did on Sex and the City?

    If so, please extend an invitation to Heidi's sister Holly as she would likely love to get down, too.

  • And will there be kid-free mom outings that possibly involve a tasty cocktail ... or three?

    Not all of us can slip away from our house, so if we're tuning in, we want less playground play (we get enough of that on the regular) and more moms letting loose. (There's a reason why Jersey Shore: Family Vacation is such a hit.)

    God knows we all deserve it.

  • What else is on the agenda, other than looking at the cast's cuddly babies?

    Again, we've got kids at home.

  • Or Spencer playing with his hummingbirds at home?

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  • MTV is definitely rolling the dice with rebooting a show that's iconic in its own right without certain original elements that made it a success.

    But we're willing to give it a chance and can always fall back to our DVDs of the original to get our feels and relive the days we didn't have any children or other adult responsibilities.

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