40 Roloff Wedding Ideas From 'Little People, Big World' That Are Truly Magical

Haley Longman | Nov 8, 2019 TV
40 Roloff Wedding Ideas From 'Little People, Big World' That Are Truly Magical

Audrey Roloff and Jeremy Roloff

What the Duggars are to having babies, the Roloffs are to weddings. Three out of four of Matt and Amy Roloff’s kids got married in the last few years with the youngest, Jacob Roloff, set to walk down the aisle in 2019! Luckily for fans, the nuptials -- Zach and Tori's, Audrey and Jeremy’s, and Molly Roloff's to Joel Silvius -- have played out both on their TLC show, Little People, Big World, and on social media. And though Matt and Amy separated in 2016, they both helped their children incorporate some personal touches to their celebrations -- and not just because all three couples chose to get married on the family’s farm! Seriously, they were all pretty spectacular.

Even if a bride doesn't have a sprawling, picturesque family farm to get married on -- or a reality show or super huge clan to help pull it all together -- many of the various elements from the Roloff weddings are totally achievable for real-life celebrations. The Roloff brides got quite creative, whether donning a flower crown instead of a veil, implementing childhood memories into their ceremonies, or opting for a one-of-a-kind alternative to a wedding cake, among other noteworthy touches that would make anyone's special day all the memorable.

Here's a look at some awe-inspiring photos to provide all the wedding inspo needed for brides-to-be to throw a similarly stunning soiree like the TLC couples' -- a woodsy wedding like Molly and Joel, a boho bash like Audrey and Jeremy, or a casual country celebration like Tori and Zach.

There's a little something for everyone!

  • Telegram Invite


    How. Freaking. Adorable.

    Jeremy and Audrey Roloff had the perfect wedding invitations for their outdoor soiree. These telegram-inspired invites are super cute and a fun way for future married couples to show off their personality through stationery.

  • 'Groom's Day Survival Kit'


    How creative and Pinterest-worthy is this sweet wedding day kit? Zach Roloff had just about everything he needed -- from alcohol to Lifesavers -- to say "I do" to his beautiful bride, Tori. This DIY "Groom's day of survival" kit is just the cutest thing ever.

  • A Venue That Matches the Season (or Vice-Versa)


    For the Oregon-based Roloffs, summer and/or fall weddings are kind of a must, given they wanted their parties outdoors. The Roloff siblings held their big days in July, August, and September, when the leaves were just right and the summer sun not too sweltering.

  • Quiet Father-Daughter Moment


    Matt revealed that he and his only daughter Molly had a quiet 20 minutes to themselves before he walked her down the aisle -- which is just the sweetest. Every father of the bride would appreciate a gesture like this one.

  • Personal Touches


    Molly knew she wanted both of her parents to play a special part in her big day (despite their divorce), so mom Amy hand-picked sprigs of lavender for the bride's bouquet, while handyman dad Matt refurbished the wooden arch and built wooden benches for the ceremony.

  • Rustic Backdrop


    Matt also added an extra personal touch to Zach and Tori’s summer wedding. He planted wheat fields behind the gazebo under which they exchanged their vows to give the ceremony a more rustic flair.

  • Wedding Windmill, Anyone?


    OK, so this idea might not work for brides-to-be who don't get married on a farm -- or somewhere with a ton of space -- but it's still pretty cool. Good ol' Matt Roloff crafted this massive windmill Jeremy for Tori and Zach's special day.

    Nice job, guys!

  • A Meaningful Spot for a Ceremony

    Each Roloff couple chose their favorite place on the farm to get married, but Molly, in particular, had a special reason for choosing to marry Joel in the farm's woodsy forest.

    "The [ceremony was] set deep in a grove under several 100-yr-old oak trees that Molly played on as a little girl," proud papa Matt wrote on Instagram after giving his daughter away. "Her guests strolled through a stunning wildflower patch that had been rolled down a path in the minutes before the ceremony so the guest could make the walk as if they were floating on a rainbow of colors."
  • Chair Alternatives


    No, we don't mean guests should stand for the entire ceremony ... but using objects to sit on that aren't traditionally used for seating -- like Jeremy and Audrey choosing bales of hay topped with quilts as "church pews"-- is a great way to incorporate a wedding theme.

  • Handwritten Vows


    A post shared by Tori Roloff (@toriroloff) on

    Try not to cry, but this is one idea that is too beautiful for words. Tori and Zach exchanged handwritten wedding vows during their ceremony that caused all the feels ... and tears.

  • Sentimental First Dance Song


    Jeremy and Audrey's first dance songs with their mom and dad, respectively, took it all the way back to their childhoods.

    Jeremy and Amy danced to "You Are My Sunshine," a song she sang to him and his twin brother, Zach, before bed when they were little. Audrey's song with her dad was "Together at Last" from Annie. The duo performed the show together when she was a kid!

  • Incorporating Furry Family


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    What's a farm wedding without some animals? Molly and Joel's nuptials featured goats from the farm -- plus their dogs -- while Tori and Zach's dog, Sully, played a big part in their wedding … especially in the photos.

  • The Perfect Signature Cocktail


    Speaking of which, Tori and Zach named their wedding cocktail "The Sullivan" -- comprised of blackberries, lemonade, and vodka -- after their pet dog.

    (Brilliant, just brilliant.)

  • Signature Drink Keepsake


    Speaking of signature wedding drinks, a great keepsake for guests is to print out the recipe for them to take home and make later.


  • Color Theme & Locale


    All three Roloff brides opted for neutral color schemes (think nude, florals, and natural browns) -- so as not to overwhelm the lush greens of the farm.

  • Operation Comfortable Gown


    Tori tried on some form-fitting bridal gowns at the urging of her groom. But they didn’t feel right -- literally, or figuratively.

    "I don't know that I could walk down the aisle in that," she said on the show. "It doesn't leave room for anything. No eating. I couldn't have my grilled cheese sandwich."

    She ultimately went the flowy route, and the dress Tori chose was absolute perfection.

  • 'Like New' Dress


    If the perfect bridal gown doesn't exist on the rack, a dressmaker can help. Audrey enlisted the help of a seamstress to make her pre-owned dress fit her exact tastes and specifications.

  • Timeless Lace


    Molly's off-the-shoulder, form-fitting lace wedding gown was as stunning as it was timeless -- proving the material never goes out of style.

  • Nontraditional Headpiece


    While Molly and Tori wore veils for their walks down the aisle, Audrey opted for an orange and white flower crown accented with leafy greens and baby's breath.

  • Matching Bridesmaids' Headpieces


    Audrey's 12 bridesmaids rocked baby's breath flower crowns, too -- in addition to beachy waves to match the bride's look.

  • Bridal Party Freedom


    Molly Roloff's six bridesmaids -- two of whom were her sisters-in-law -- bought dresses that matched their personal styles. The only requirement? Dresses needed to be a shade of blush pink.


  • Nonuniform Dress Style


    Audrey Roloff's girls looked the same but different in cap-sleeved, short flowy dresses, each with a different print and fabric.

  • A Bridal Moment


    Before brides walk down the aisle, it's important to soak in the stillness and quiet moments before the big event. Audrey Roloff practically had a mini photo shoot prior to her special day that featured an assortment of breathtaking photos she'll likely treasure forever.

  • The Gals Matching the Groomsmen


    Fabric from Audrey's bridesmaids' dresses were repurposed to make matching bow ties for Jeremy's gents in the wedding party.

  • Everything in White


    ... bridesmaids dresses included!

    Tori Roloff put her gals in short, off-white lace sundresses. And guess what? The ensembles didn't take away from her white dress in the slightest!

  • Draping Foliage


    Tori and Zach's photographer captured just how gorgeous their wedding day was. Seriously, how magnificent does their summer wedding look?

    It's beyond beautiful -- especially the drapes and foliage!

  • Cake Alternative


    Brides-to-be can opt not to have a cake at all. Case in point: Audrey and Jeremy's dessert of choice for their September affair was yummy seasonal fruit cobblers with peaches and berries.

  • Taste of Florals


    Tori and Zach's blue and white blooms sat in brass flower pots instead of traditional glass vases.

    How pretty!

  • Customize Anything ... & Everything!


    Personalized signage made Audrey and Jeremy's nuptials even more their own. A signature item like this can enhance the "wow" factor at a wedding -- like party favors, seating charts, or even family photos scattered throughout the venue.

  • Hidden Messages


    "... Like I always do, I couldn't help but write these words on my hand on my wedding day. 'ALWAYS MORE,'" Audrey Roloff wrote in an Instagram post. "Our wedding is about far more than a day in a dress, it's about you and me becoming one by the powerful grace of God"


  • Outside-the-Box Place Settings


    Instead of typical white porcelain, Auj and Jer's guests ate off of mismatched vintage china that looked beyond divine.

  • Let the Sparks Fly


    Yeah ... this idea is so beautiful and wonderful and perfect, it really needs no explanation.

  • Elongated Bridal Party Table


    Round tables are fine for guests, but bridesmaids and groomsmen will feel extra special at a rectangular banquet table. Plus, how gorgeous does it look with that runner of bouquets in the middle?

  • DIY Chair Labels


    Everything about Tori and Zach's wedding was visually stunning and nothing short of glorious. Anyone who follows Mrs. Roloff on social media is well aware of her penmanship and artistic talents that make these beautiful DIY chair labels somewhat expected and flat-out gorgeous.

  • Photo Booth Fun


    What's a wedding if there's no photo booth to serve as proof it happened? (We kid, but we're kinda serious.) Bonus points for fun props!

  • Adding Backdrops


    Who says flowers are the only thing brides and grooms can use as a backdrop on their special day? Audrey Roloff harnessed the power of quilts on her beautiful wedding day that gave a charming and personal touch.

  • Chalkboard Seating Chart


    We can't love this enough -- it's super charming! Once again, Aud and Jer get an A-plus for their wedding day design. This chalkboard seating chart is beyond delightful and the perfect touch for their special day.

  • Changing Up the Scenery


    There are simply no words to express how breathtaking this photo is! Audrey and Jeremy did a fantastic job on their wedding day capturing lovable and heartwarming moments through photos in an assortment of places. They went in fields, the woods, and everywhere else in between -- proving it pays to switch things up.

  • The 'Getaway' Car


    Who says grooms and brides have to whisk off in some stuffy old car? Clearly, there are other options as Audrey and Jeremy bid adieu to their wedding in a Polaris ATV.


  • Give Thanks


    Not only did Tori and Zach have a beautiful wedding ceremony, but they sealed the memory by giving thanks to their attendees. Guests of their special day received a beautiful keepsake in the mail.

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