Farrah Abraham Takes Major Heat for Taking Her Daughter to Her Court Date

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Farrah Abraham
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Her day in court may be over (for this week at least), but the court of public opinion rages on. After showing up to a Los Angeles County courtroom for an arraignment stemming for her June arrest on charges of battery on Monday, Farrah Abraham is getting raked over the coals on Twitter for not only dressing like she was headed to a nightclub but also for bringing her 9-year-old daughter. 

  • TMZ caught up with the former Teen Mom OG star both before and after her court appearance on Monday. 

    Wearing a low-cut dress and with Sophia tagging along, Farrah said that she wasn't worried about the outcome, as she thought the whole thing was just a case of "bullying" against a celebrity.

    Farrah was arrested for alleged battery following an altercation with a staff member at the Beverly Hills Hotel in June. Alcohol appears to have been involved, and TMZ got a video of Farrah verbally resisting arrest outside of the hotel lobby on the night in question. 

    At court on Monday, she rejected a plea deal that would've reduced the charges to a simple trespassing charge and required her to take anger management classes as well as participate in community service. 

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  • But it was her outfit and choice of court companion that really got people talking. 

    Farrah got a ton of heat for her revealing outfit and that she dragged her young daughter to court to watch her arraignment. Other comments included "Haha gotta let your kids know how ratchet you are," and "I'm surprised she wasn't kicked out of court in that dress."

  • It's hardly the first time Farrah has been criticized for involving Sophia in inappropriate activities. 

    After all, on the scale of shady parenting moves, does taking Sophia to court rank above or below having her film her mom's cosmetic butt injections? How about letting her watch her mom's vaginal surgery on Instagram Live? 

  • Despite Farrah's insistence that she's totally innocent, she still faces the possibility of jail time if she's convicted. 

    Farrah is due back in court on September 21 for an early disposition conference, and she could receive 18 months in prison if she's given the maximum sentence. 

    She told Radar Online after her arraignment Monday that she would not be accepting any deals, explaining, "I'm not accepting the offer because I'm not guilty. I have gone through a lot of counseling and therapy. I am also very mentally stable and I have no aggressive issues. I can literally submit that to my lawyer, show that to the judge and it would still override this fake offer. I clearly had a valet and I was not trespassing. I didn't batter someone. This is just, to me, another form of, again, 'No celebrity face, there would be no case.'"