Becca Kufrin Totally Just Shaded Arie Luyendyk Jr. & Lauren Burnham


Becca Kufrin

If anyone has been playing a drinking game with The Bachelorette that includes taking a shot every time Arie Luyendyk Jr. is mentioned, may God rest their soul, because they're probably dead from alcohol poisoning. We've been watching Becca Kufrin try to move on from that failed relationship all season, but for some reason, his name keeps being brought up.

  • It was fantasy suite week on The Bachelorette this week, but that didn't keep Arie's name from being brought up multiple times. 

    We get it. That breakup scene between Arie and Becca last season was brutal. The situation obviously needed addressing at the beginning of the season, but Becca was down to her last three guys last night -- why the heck was he still being brought up?

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  • Some fans even called it a red flag.

    Can we please also talk about the subtle shade she threw at both her ex and Lauren Burnham? During the episode last night, Becca told one of her guys, "Arie said he wanted a 50/50 partner but he really wanted someone to fit into HIS life."

    In other words, Lauren is a total pushover who will mold her life completely to fit Arie's, move to his hometown immediately, and follow him to all of his races that he doesn't win. Nice dig, Becca, but it isn't exactly screaming to us that you're over the whole thing and really ready to move on. 
  • Other people even blamed Arie for Becca's decision to send Jason home last night before the fantasy suite.

    Jason Bachelorette

    Becca ended up sending this stud home before they even got to the fantasy suite, because she had a crisis of conscience when she realized she couldn't picture a future with him. People on Twitter were pretty upset she didn't appreciate what a gem the Buffalo, New York, native is, and someone even suggested that her mental state wasn't right because of the trauma of her past relationships. 

    Speaking of Becca's ex before Arie (remember the one who showed up last season?) and the race car driver himself, someone shared, "Becca spent like 13 years with that aggressive football coach, got engaged to shithead Arie, and then sends Jason, a national treasure, home on fantasy suite night. Someone plz explain."

    OK, they were only together seven years, but the sentiment stands. 

  • We really want Becca to be happy ... and that includes letting go completely of Arie.

    Since filming ended, Becca has opened up several times about being happily engaged, and we really do hope that's true. We also hope that constantly bringing up her past relationship with Arie was just fodder for TV and not how she's continued her relationship in the past couple of months, because if so, it may be over already.

    After all, who wants to constantly talk about their fiance's ex? It gets old pretty dang quickly.