Debra Danielsen Doesn't Think Farrah Abraham Is Fit to Raise Sophia


Farrah Abraham

Everyone has an opinion -- and unfortunately, sometimes those opinions come from your own mother. Farrah Abraham's mom, Debra Danielsen, recently opened up to Radar Online about her June arrest at the Beverly Hills Hotel, and said that she thought her daughter deserved it. 

  • Talk about harsh, Debz OG!

    The wannabe rap star said, "It's sad to say, but you can't disrespect other people and get away with it. It's important for Farrah to learn she needs to respect other people. I agree [with the charges.]"

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  • In case anyone missed it, Farrah was charged earlier this week for an incident that occurred in June.

    According to PEOPLE magazine, Farrah was formally charged with one misdemeanor count each of battery and resisting, delaying or obstructing a peace officer. An L.A. District Attorney rep confirmed that she could spend up to 18 months in jail if she's convicted.

    Following an alleged dispute with another guest at the Beverly Hills Hotel in the wee hours of June 13, Farrah reportedly got physical with a hotel staff member and resisted arrest. Although there's video of her berating the police outside of the hotel, it's hard to say what exactly happened that caused the cops to be called. 

  • Deb not only told Radar that she thought Farrah basically deserved to be arrested, but that she believes she's the one who should be raising 9-year-old Sophia.

    She said there is "no doubt" that Sophia would be better off being raised by her. "I would have Sophia in a great school. She can socialize and be a kid, just like Farrah. She needs to be a regular kid. Go to school and achieve academically. She loves science."

    Deb doesn't seem to care for Farrah having Sophia in the spotlight, either. "She's 9 years old," she lamented. "There are too many pedophiles out there who take advantage of minors. It's a scary world out there. Sophia is so precious. She is a blessing. I would not put my child on display."

    And if it weren't for the pesky law, she'd step in and take Sophia away from her mother in a heartbeat. "There are laws in this country that prohibit grandparents from protecting grandchildren," she explained. "Sometimes it's in the best interest of the minor if a grandparent could step in. Why? To give the parent a time out to take care of themselves. There is no harm in that. Even if I could hire a team of lawyers, there are laws in this country that prohibit grandparents from stepping in and protecting their grandchildren. We need to fix the laws in this country."

    Despite the fact that Deb just threw her own daughter under the bus, she still has hope that their relationship will be mended. She said, "I do believe it can be fixed. Farrah, I love her very much. She is my daughter. I have sacrificed and given my life to her. I wish her nothing but well."

  • An interview like this is the last thing Farrah needs right now.

    The former Teen Mom OG star shared the sad news this week that she and Sophia lost their beloved pet dog Blue. There's only so much heartache a person can take at once, and losing a pet and being sold out by your own mother is a lot to handle.