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  • The former Teen Mom OG star got a number of comments about the video -- both condolences and judgments. 

    Even though a lot of people said they were sorry for her loss, people couldn't help but get super judgy about Farrah's decision to film their goodbye and share it with the public. There were several comments along the lines of, "I’m so sorry for your loss but this seems so private! Your daughter crying over something so traumatic should not be posted!" and, "You should delete this. No one needs to see you daughter crying, or the deceased dog. It’s not right. Put your phone down and sort yourself out."

    Farrah is a controversial celebrity to be sure, but can we please just let this mama and her daughter grieve as they see fit? If they want to share with the world to process their loss, that's up to them. Anyone can choose simply not to watch the video. 

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  • From the number of photos on social media that include the pup, it's clear he was a big part of their lives. 

    We're so heartbroken for sweet Sophia. Farrah explained in her post the weird way that she's considering helping with the grieving process. She shared, "I always said if he ever passed I would stuff him and put him on my shelf so I hope for our memory of our best friend BLUE to be brought back home again soon thanks to pet taxidermy."

    Here's to hoping that it brings a little bit of comfort to this family.