Farrah Abraham Totally Just Tried to Steal Kylie Jenner's Thunder in New Instagram Video

Kylie Jenner, Farrah Abraham
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First Kylie Jenner, now Farrah Abraham? Is everyone getting rid of their lip fillers these days? Just a couple days after the Life of Kylie star confessed to having her lip fillers removed, Farrah posted a video on Instagram getting some of her own fillers removed.

  • Farrah posted the video from Dr. Sheila Nazarian's office.

    Fans may remember that Dr. Nazarian was also Farrah's go-to gal for her vaginal reconstruction. Anyway, this week Farrah was working on a different set of lips, and explained on the vid, "We are taking out some of that injectable stuff."

    The good doctor added, "When it initially goes in, it does make the lip look bigger because obviously I just put a bunch of fluid in there. Then over the next couple of days, her lip is really going to deflate and go down which is exactly what we want. We will put in the proper filler so the filler doesn’t suck in to much water and stays exactly where we want it to stay."

    So it seems as though Farrah isn't totally getting rid of her fillers, but it's still interesting she posted this video right after Kylie made headlines for having hers removed. 

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  • On an Instagram post earlier this week, fan pointed out that Kylie was looking more like she did when she was younger. 

    A fan commented on this photo, "She looks like the old Kylie here idk why." The new mom took the time to respond, revealing, "I got rid of all my filler." 

    A source also told Us Weekly that Kylie decided months ago to stop getting lip fillers. They said that she "had Hyaluronidase [an enzyme that breaks down hyaluronic acid fillers] injected into her lips over a period of several weeks, to naturally dissolve the filler."

  • Honestly, we still can't believe that Farrah let anyone near her face with a needle after her botched 2015 lip procedure.

    Who could forget that fiasco? Farrah documented the horrendous results of her botched plastic surgery and scared most of us from ever trying the same, but obviously it didn't stop her. 

  • Will Farrah follow in Kylie's footsteps and have her fillers completely removed?

    More importantly, would we even recognize her if she did? We're not worried ... Kylie may have decided to go a more natural route after having baby Stormi earlier this year, but if anything, motherhood has made Farrah more determined to change her looks. We have the feeling that anyone who would wax her 3-year-old's eyebrows isn't going to knock it off with her own cosmetic procedures anytime soon.