Ashley Iaconetti & Jared Haibon Give Fans an Update on Their Relationship

Ashley Iaconetti, Jared Haibon

Our heads are still spinning over the fact that Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon are engaged, and we finally have a little more insight into what their next move might be. In an interview with Hollywood Life, Ashley and Jared shared their future plans, and it sounds like it's not just marriage they're planning -- it's babies too!

  • Fans have been celebrating the fact that these two finally found their way to each other, and even though their engagement was quick, it was obviously meant to be.

    And in this most recent interview, they filled fans in on everything they're planning in the next few years -- including kids. 

    "We think we will try and have kids in two years,” Ashley told the site. “Jared and I always say we need to stay in LA at least five years, 10 being the max. He’s an east coast lover. I don’t think he’ll be content if we don’t move back over there. So, around that time we’ll start contemplating." 

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  • It's not surprising that kids are already on their minds.

    Since so many of their Bach alum friends have babies already, of course Ashley and Jared must be eager to start their family too. And isn't it refreshing that Ashley's virginity isn't the constant topic of conversation now? 

  • They also took the opportunity to gush over how much they love each other, and honestly? It's so sweet.

    “I feel that expression you love each more everyday -- I’ve always been like ‘oh, but do you really?’ and now with Jared I really do feel like that," Ashley said. "I look back on times back in April or March, and I think ‘Oh, I loved him then,’ but I love him so much more now." 

    Let's be honest -- sometimes it can be a little eye-roll inducing when someone talks about their significant other like that, but for some reason, with these two, we're totally loving it. Maybe it's because we watched all of the ups and downs of their relationship on Bachelor in Paradise? This is a couple we just can't get enough of. 

  • So far, it doesn't sound like they have any concrete wedding plans, but when they do, we are so here for it.

    It seemed like it would never happen at times, but we're so glad that Ashley and Jared finally ended up together. They certainly make us believe in true love again.