15 Awful Things Jenelle Evans & Mom Barbara Have Done & Said to Each Other

Image: MTV

Jenelle Evans, Barbara Evans

Ever since her 16 & Pregnant days and then continuing with Teen Mom 2, it's never been a secret that Jenelle Evans and her mom, Barbara, have an incredibly strained relationship. Even when Jenelle and Babara lived under the same roof, they fought constantly, and eventually, Jenelle ended up turning custody of her firstborn over to her mom because she simply wasn't ready for the responsibility of raising a child as a teenager. But since then, things between them have gotten so much worse. It's not just drama over who has custody of Jace and what may have happened in Jenelle's childhood anymore -- everything has gone steadily downhill since Jenelle married David Eason, which has put more stress on her relationship with her mom than ever.


It's rare that we see Jenelle and Barbara in the same scene on the show where they aren't arguing like cats and dogs, so we don't even want to think about what must be going on when the MTV cameras aren't around. The fact that they're sharing custody of Jace doesn't seem to be changing anytime soon, so it doesn't seem possible that they'd ever be able to cut each other out entirely -- but are they really going to fight like this for the rest of their lives?

Although the list of things they've said and done to each other that most mothers and daughters never would is a very long one, these are some of the highlights. Maybe one day, these two will be able to find a way to get along, but that day is probably not coming along anytime soon. 

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