Jenelle Evans Called Out for Allegedly Breaking the Law

Jenelle Evans, David Eason

We all know that Jenelle Evans is no stranger to legal trouble, but we have a feeling that this offense could end up throwing her for a loop. Apparently Jenelle is breaking the law by not having a fence around her pool, and we have to wonder if that was intentional, or if she has no idea that this law even exists.

  • Obviously, not having a fence around a pool isn't safe, but in North Carolina, it's also illegal. 

    According to RadarOnline, a NC Building Codes department spokesperson said that an in-ground pool must have a barrier around it, and in the many photos Jenelle has posted of hers, it's clear that there isn't one. 

    The law says that the barrier has to be 48 inches above grade, unless it's an above ground pool, which can have a ground level barrier. 

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  • Radar also pointed out that Jenelle has told fans that she's getting a fence, but so far, she hasn't done it. 

    The site said that in September of last year, Jenelle said, "to get your permit approved for your pool you have to get a fence, also to protect wildlife." 

    But so far, there's no fence in sight -- and Jenelle's been showing off her pool all summer. What's the deal?

  • We're not sure if this intel coming out will lead to an investigation, but Jenelle should definitely think about that fence -- sooner rather than later.

    After all, she has two toddlers in her house, plus two older children -- isn't it better to be safe than sorry when it comes to pool safety? Ensley is still a baby, after all, and it's so easy for kids to get in trouble if you're not looking at them for even a second.

  • We just want everyone in Jenelle's family to stay safe, especially the littlest members.

    Get that fence, Jenelle! Water safety is no joke.