Jenelle Evans's Son Jace Uses Profanity to Describe Her & David Eason

Jenelle Evans, Jace Evans

So far, this season of Teen Mom 2 hasn't exactly painted Jenelle Evans in a positive light, and now things are only getting worse. On Monday night's new episode, Jace called Jenelle and David "pieces of sh*t,"  -- and as shocking as it is to hear that kind of profanity from a kid that young, it also worries us that he would even feel that way.

  • Over the last several months, there's been a lot of buzz about what may or may not happen at Jenelle's house.

    It's hard to tell what reports are true and what aren't, but who would know better than Jace himself? And when he got home from hanging out with Jenelle and David, he had a few choice words to share about the time he spent over there. 

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  • At first, Jace just told Barbara that his mom was being "mean," but then, he went a little deeper.

    After explaining that Jenelle sent Kaiser to daycare rather than let him enjoy a day on the boat with the rest of the family, Jace was not holding back on his true feelings about his mom and stepdad.

    “Mommy and David are pieces of sh*t,” he told Barbara very matter-of-factly. Jace, what?!

  • After hearing that kind of comment, we have a LOT of questions. 

    Where would he even have picked that phrase up from? Is it something he's repeating that he heard from Barbara, or even from Jenelle and David themselves? Or maybe he heard it at school. Either way, it's pretty shocking to hear a kid describe his mom that way, but judging from the history Jenelle has with parenting, it seems possible that this is something Jace truly meant to say.

  • Whatever is going on at Jenelle's, we hope they figure it out soon.

    Between Jace, Kaiser, Ensley, and Maryssa, she and David have an entire brood to raise, and if one of their kids is feeling so uncomfortable he's breaking out the bad words to describe the time he spends with them, that's definitely an issue.