David Eason's Explosive Temper Has Us Officially Worried for Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans, David Eason

When news broke that David Eason was fired from Teen Mom 2 earlier this year, we knew it was going to be bad when we saw it all play out on the show -- but we didn't know it'd be anything like this. On Monday night's episode, David's temper was worse than ever, and it has us seriously concerned for Jenelle Evans and her safety.

  • Even in the beginning of the episode, things did not start off well. 

    Just looking around Jenelle's house, it was clear something bad was going on. Did anyone else see that hole that looked like it had been punched through a door? And then for the cops to show up and Jenelle and David to get pretty aggressively mad, just because the officers were doing their job and showed up for a welfare check on the children? It was a lot to take in.

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  • And even just the thought of Nathan sending police to check on the kids made David lose it. 

    “Let me get ahold of Nathan. I will bust his motherf**king head open,” David said after the police were gone. “I’m going to violate his face with my fists.”

    Uh, whoa. And this is what he says on camera -- what does he say when MTV isn't around? And for the record, there was honestly no way of knowing if Nathan sent the cops over or not.

  • Unfortunately, MTV didn't share what happened when David was fired -- this episode, at least -- but they did talk to Barbara.

    She seemed genuinely concerned for the children (and Jenelle) because of David's temper, and honestly, she'd probably know the situation more than the rest of us, since she sees what goes on -- and probably hears about it from Jace, too. If she's worried, we're worried. 

  • Whatever's going on, David needs to get it under control soon, at least for the sake of the kids.

    Maybe next week's ep of Teen Mom 2 will show what happened when MTV fired David? We just hope that everything is okay with the children, above all else. David's anger is pretty scary sometimes, and we just want everyone to be safe.