New 'Teen Mom 2' Clip Shows Disturbing Footage From Jenelle Evans's House

Jenelle Evans

It's unfortunately become somewhat common practice for the police to show up to Jenelle Evans's house, but in the latest go-round filmed by MTV, fans picked up something else disturbing in a video clip of an incident involving the cops at Jenelle's home. It wasn't the total lack of respect that she showed to the officer (that's also become pretty commonplace), it was the plethora of pill bottles lining her kitchen counter.

  • On this week's episode of Teen Mom 2, Jenelle and her hubby David Eason got a visit from the local sheriff. 

    Jenelle refused to answer the door when the cop repeatedly knocked, so David (shirtless, of course) opened the door enough to basically tell him to get lost. Actually, he told him to go check out the kids' daycare when the officer said he was doing a wellness check. Then he slammed the door and stormed off cussing about Jenelle's ex, Nathan Griffith, who was likely the one to call the cops in the first place.

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  • But what the heck was up with all those pill bottles out in the open on the kitchen counter?

    Jenelle Evans Pills

    It wasn't so much about the amount of pills (that's a topic of discussion for another day, we suppose), but about their accessibility, given the fact that David and Jenelle have five children at home between the both of them. They share 1-year-old Ensley, but David has Maryssa and Kaden, and Jenelle has Jace and Kaiser.

    Fans spouted off on Reddit, saying, "All those pill bottles are making me nervous with three toddlers running around," and, "I have no problem with prescription pills. I take one daily. But you put that sh-t on top of the fridge, not at a kid's hand level."

  • It wasn't the only thing concerning about the kids on Monday's episode either.

    One of the major plot lines of the episode revolved around Jenelle and David's road trip to the mountains, during which he seemed to repeatedly yell at all the children with little to no provocation. 

    With the amount of times he's been accused of losing his temper at the kids, you'd think he'd work harder on staying calm, especially when filming for MTV. But then again, David doesn't seem like the kind of guy who really gives a dang about little things like image and reputation. 

  • Whatever is going on with Jenelle, David, and the law, we just hope that those pills weren't on the counter when the kids were home.

    Maybe they were just sorting them or something. Maybe they were empty and getting ready to be recycled. Obviously we don't know what was going on with them ... but given Jenelle's history with drugs and CPS, she might want to take better care of such things.