Jenelle Evans Gets Some Devastating News About Her Dream House

Jenelle Evans, David Eason

Uh-oh. Jenelle Evans's dream house seems to be falling into a sinkhole, and David Eason isn't helping things at all by threatening the builder. The couple learned their home is in serious trouble this week on Teen Mom 2, and well, let's just say that Jenelle's husband didn't take the news well. 

  • The couple moved into the home they had built on their land last summer, shortly before tying the knot. 

    The mom of three had talked up the location of her land for quite awhile, so it was a huge milestone when they finally got to call the place home. She told MTV while they were building, "I'm really happy to get my family out there, land and a house that is going to be permanent for the rest of our lives. There are no boundaries and city limits -- the kids can go outside and do whatever they want. They don't have to worry about cars or traffic."

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  • Unfortunately, Jenelle got the news this week on the show that her home was cracking and sinking into the ground. 

    She explained to a friend, "The house guy in Wilmington is trying to say that we put too much dirt on the land to fill our puddles and that we’re making all the water go down under our house. It was flooded to begin with. Our house is sinking basically."

  • To absolutely no one's surprise, Jenelle's husband didn't react well to the news.

    David Eason has become infamous for his volatile temper, and was even fired from Teen Mom 2 for bullying LGBTQ kids, teens, and basically the entire community. 

    The president of homebuilder came to Jenelle and David's property to inspect the damage, and declared, "The county requires us to have positive drainage away from the house." Eason responded, "You can take that idea and shove it up your a** because my house is falling in the mud. I want my house on stilts."

  • David Evans threatened the president of the company. 

    He told the gentleman, "If I got to pay for it … I guarantee my wife has got about 12 million followers on social media ... Come back with your checkbook."

    Well OK then. We can't really tell whose fault it is that Jenelle and David's house is sinking (if it's anyone's at all), but we're just hoping that they have insurance on their property. And Jenelle might want to consider keeping David away from the repair crew.