Kailyn Lowry Makes a Big Announcement About Her Future With 'Teen Mom 2'

Kailyn Lowry and Sons

It looks like Teen Mom 2 is losing another star, and this time it's one of the kids. Honestly, we thought Jenelle Evans would be the next to go from the MTV series, but Kailyn Lowry just announced that one of her boys will no longer be filming for the show.

  • Kailyn announced through The Hollywood Gossip on Friday that Isaac Rivera will no longer be filming for Teen Mom 2.

    Kail linked to the story on Instagram, so we're assuming that this is legit, and not just the latest rumor. According to the site, "Kail and Jo [Rivera] have decided Isaac is not going to film Teen Mom 2 anymore."

    The source revealed, "They came to this decision after the direction of the show and the situations that have gone down in the last two reunions ... Isaac is at the age where he comprehends what’s going on and the environment, direction of the show, and fights at the reunion are way too toxic and inappropriate for him to be around and both Jo and Kail don’t want him anywhere near it."

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  • Baby Lux's future on the show is also uncertain at the moment, but it appears that at least Lincoln will continue to be featured.

    The insider explained, "While her youngest son Lux is a baby, Chris Lopez doesn’t want Lux filming either. Him and Kail will likely make a decision about that soon." The also added, "Lincoln is still filming to date due to his age and Javi [Marroquin] being a part of the show and being okay with him continuing to film."

  • We can't really blame Jo for not wanting Isaac on the show anymore, given all the drama recently.

    Briana DeJesus and Kailyn even almost got into a fistfight at the last reunion show, over the whole Javi situation. Bri dated Kail's ex-husband from October 2017 until January of this year, and their co-star Leah Messer even got pulled into the fray, and well ... it's been quite the dramatic storyline, to say the least. 

    Even Jo and Vee Torres have said that they're leaving the show as well. A source told The Ashley, "Jo is leaving the show as well. He doesn't like how far the show has strayed from its original purpose, and thinks that it is just trashy at this point. The kids are an afterthought and he doesn't want himself or his kids associated with that anymore."

  • We totally understand that Kail and Jo have to make the best decisions for their son, but we are going to miss Isaac something fierce. 

    That kid is a total gem, and such an amazing big brother to Lincoln and Lux. We're going to miss him like crazy!