Amber Portwood Has a Glass of Wine With Dinner & Fans Freak Out

Amber Portwood, Andrew Glennon

Things seem to be going well for Amber Portwood these days. Second-time motherhood appears to agree with her, and she's been loving life since welcoming baby James with boyfriend Andrew Glennon last month.

  • Amber seems happier than ever, and has been sharing sweet moments with of her life with her fans.

    Like this one of her "date night" with her man. She captioned the sweet photo on Instagram, "Mommy and Daddy date with a little James in the mix." Hopefully the little guy stayed asleep long enough for them to enjoy their yummy-looking dinner and wine!

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  • Speaking of the wine, you know some people were going to say something about it.

    Amber is a recovering drug addict, which according to some people means she should never ever have a glass with dinner ever again. Please excuse us while we roll our eyes. 

    Amber does deal with depression and anxiety, and has both Borderline Personality and Bipolar Disorders, but she is managing both with medication and self-care, under medical supervision. It's between her and her doctor if she can have wine with whatever meds she's currently taking, and not really our business. 

  • Thankfully most of the comments were positive, but there were still a few that were just plain rude.

    Go ahead and shame a new mom who has had a documented, years-long struggle with her weight. That's totally the right thing to do. Said nobody, ever. 

  • And just because people can't leave well enough alone, they had to openly wonder about her relationship dynamics with Andrew.

    Amber's ex Gary Shirley has always picked up the slack when Amber was dealing with her addiction and/or mental health issues, and still has majority custody of Leah after Amber spent 17 months in prison several years ago. 

    But honestly, Amber seems to have turned a new leaf in her life, and it's just unnecessary to bring up the past. How about we let her move forward with her life, and stop bringing up every negative thing that she's ever done? Just a thought.