Farrah Abraham Releases a Statement After Being Released From Jail

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Farrah Abraham
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Farrah Abraham is setting the record straight following her arrest at the Beverly Hills Hotel this week, and exactly no one will be shocked to learn that it wasn't her fault at all. Instead, the former Teen Mom OG star is blaming the hotel staff, other bystanders, and even the police for the alleged physical altercation that occurred in the wee hours of Wednesday morning. 

  • After being released from the drunk tank on Wednesday, Farrah shared a screenshot from TMZ on her Instagram, along with a statement. 

    She said, "Looking great in @prettylittlething - No charges & no jail time , I chose this life and I handle being targeted as a public figure & public punching bag ALL is Fair In Farrah’s world I will never believe the lies that people need to sell to make a dollar off me- Happy it’s all recorded and documented as I should never feel unsafe and be targeted at a hotel I’m staying at The Beverly Hills hotel truly allowed misconduct by staff to a paying guest there’s no need for me or anyone else to be treated this way. The Beverly Hills Police officers should stop having power trips and lying and selling stories to TMZ, while you let all of Beverly Hills be robbed, car break ins, stealing go on... focus on really protecting the public and doing good for Beverly Hills instead of creating made up problems."

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  • Farrah was accused of hitting an employee following a verbal dispute with other guests at the hotel in the early hours Wednesday morning. 

    According to inside sources, Farrah was yelling things like, "I'm a celebrity," and, "You should know who I am."

    In video obtained by TMZ outside the hotel, Farrah repeatedly yelled at the police to "Go f**k yourself." She also insisted that she hadn't struck anyone at the hotel, and that she wasn't resisting the cops. She got visibly and audibly upset when they started going through her things, and screamed, "I'm not resisting!" to the cops. It was reported that Farrah showed signs of intoxication. 

  • It's not the first time the mom of one has been in trouble with intoxication and the law. 

    She was arrested in March 2013 for a DUI, after blowing a .147, nearly twice Nebraska's legal limit, where the incident took place. Thankfully her daughter Sophia wasn't in the car at the time, but Farrah didn't seem to take the ordeal seriously, tweeting shortly afterward, "It's amazing what people believe and makeup [sic] (love my life). Thank God I'm successful and I don't care about drama! Have a great day."

  • A rep for Farrah asked everyone to remember that there are "two sides to every story."

    It seems nothing is going to keep this lady down. Her rep said Wednesday, "Farrah will return and continue to focus on her businesses and her daughter, which is her No. 1 priority. Please remember there [are] two sides to every story."

    We may never know exactly what happened that caused the police to be called in on Farrah, but here's to hoping that it's the last time. Given her reputation for creating a ruckus wherever she goes, however, we won't be holding our breath.