Farrah Abraham Arrested After Alleged Fistfight at the Beverly Hills Hotel

Farrah Abraham

Does Farrah Abraham find trouble, or does trouble find her? The former Teen Mom OG star has been arrested, after allegedly getting into a physical altercation at the Beverly Hills Hotel. According to TMZ, Farrah was pretty upset that she wasn't given proper recognition for her celebrity status, and well, it sounds like things escalated from there. 

  • Farrah posted a picture from the hotel pool on Tuesday, just hours before getting arrested.

    She captioned the photo, "Entrepreneur’s workin even at the pool," and tagged mogul Mark Cuban and actress Kate Neilson."

    There's no telling what happened between the photo and the arrest, but according to TMZ, she "got into an argument with a male employee." Law enforcement officials told the site that they suspect alcohol was involved, and another source claims that Farrah struck a staffer from the hotel and was yelling things like, "I'm a celebrity," and, "You should know who I am."

    According to a Tuesday morning update on the situation, Farrah was booked at 1:48 a.m. PT for battery and trespassing, and was being held on $500 bail.

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  • It's wouldn't be the first time the controversial star has been in trouble with alcohol and the law.

    She was arrested in March 2013 for a DUI, after blowing a .147, nearly twice Nebraska's legal limit, where the incident took place. Thankfully her daughter Sophia wasn't in the car at the time, but Farrah didn't seem to take the ordeal seriously, tweeting shortly afterward, "It's amazing what people believe and makeup [sic] (love my life). Thank God I'm successful and I don't care about drama! Have a great day."

  • Farrah is obviously used to the rockstar treatment, but that's no excuse for acting like a jerk.

    She's traveled all over the world on the most lavish vacations (she recently visited Dubai, where she rode camels, swam dolphins, and even treated Sophia to $150 apple juice), and it sounds like she got a little too big for her britches. 

  • Here's to hoping that Farrah uses this opportunity as a reset button to take stock of her entitled actions.

    Somehow though, we have a feeling that Farrah is going to blame everyone around her instead of taking a good, hard look at the way she treats people. Considering her response just last fall when Teen Mom producer Morgan J. Freeman told her that she was incredibly difficult to work with, we doubt that's going to happen. 

    After being fired for choosing to work in the adult entertainment industry instead of with MTV, Farrah sued parent company Viacom for $5 million. She also claimed that Freeman had "harassed" her, but given her temperament, and everything we've seen from her in the last decade, we don't think it was the producer doing the harassing. Just saying.