David Eason Blew Up at Jenelle Evans's Kids & It Was Downright Scary

David Eason, Kaiser Griffith, Jace Evans

We've always known that David Eason had a temper, but we had no idea it was this bad. On Monday night's episode of Teen Mom 2, David lost it on Jenelle Evans's kids, and we're legit worried that this isn't a good situation for them to be in. 

  • It all started when Jenelle & David took the kids on a getaway to celebrate Jenelle's birthday. 

    Everything was going fine until right before they were about to leave the mountains and head home, and then it all kind of went haywire. We understand that kids plus a road trip plus no sleep is a really rough combination, but David's reaction seemed completely inappropriate for the situation. Is it ever okay to yell at children like that?

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  • Yes, the kids were super wild, but that's just how kids are -- especially when they're on vacation.

    At first, Jenelle and David were chill about it, but as they got ready to go, tensions were getting high -- and they were running out of patience more and more. It was so weird that David was so upset about the cameras being in the car. You're on a TV show, remember? That's part of the deal. And then, it got worse when he started lecturing the kids, even though they were being totally silent in the car.

  • It was such a weird situation, and we really hope this isn't how David talks to the kids all the time.

    Getting frustrated by your children is something that all parents can relate to, but there's a line between being annoyed and totally losing it, and it seems like David has definitely overstepped some boundaries.

    His rant when they got into the car was probably the worst of it -- it involved a lot of swearing.

    "We’re going home because you don’t know how to f*cking act right,” he said after he and Jenelle had decided to cancel their plans to do something fun before they headed back home, adding that this is just how things are going to be for them when they can't behave themselves.

  • It's such a bummer the trip ended this way too, because it seemed like everyone was having such a good time.

    We know David's days on Teen Mom 2 are numbered, but we really hope we see better from him this season.