Jenelle Evans & David Eason Spark Divorce Rumors Yet Again

Jenelle Evans, David Eason

Fans have been wondering what's been going on behind the scenes in Jenelle Evans's marriage since her husband got fired from Teen Mom 2, and it looks like we may have our answer. Apparently Jenelle and David may be heading for divorce -- at least, according to a new report. 

  • As RadarOnline pointed out, there has been some fishy stuff going on when it comes to their Facebook accounts.

    Jenelle's relationship status no longer says that she's married to David -- it doesn't say she's single, but it just says "no relationship info to show," which is a message that can appear when someone sets their relationship status to private. But why would Jenelle do that if there were no issues going on?

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  • And to make matters worse, Radar also pointed out that there was drama on a post she shared too.

    Jenelle shared a meme that said "The sweeter you treat her, the longer you'll keep her," and reportedly, David replied in a comment that he's since deleted, "Awwwe, too bad you're not sweet to me." 

    Yeah, this doesn't sound good to us -- but maybe David was just kidding? Combined with the relationship status thing, though, it seems like it could be a sign things are starting to fall apart,  especially since Radar also noted that David deleted a comment where he was miffed that Jenelle didn't include him in her cover photo. 

  • But as soon as Jenelle caught wind of the Radar story, she tried to clear things up. 

    Now for the real question. Do we believe her, or do we think Jenelle and David are actually on the outs? Hmm ... 

  • We'll just have to keep an eye on Jenelle's social media to see if anything changes. 

    TBH, this could be a really bad time for her and David to be fighting. Jenelle pregnancy rumors have only recently started ramping back up, and some fans think she might be expecting baby number four. No word on that front, but if it's true, it'd obviously be much easier if she and David were getting along.

    Let's just hope that all is well between these two -- and that this Facebook drama is behind them. Anytime Jenelle wants to fill us in with more details, we're listening.