Jenelle Evans Accuses Her Co-Stars of Stirring Up Drama & Fans Completely Call Her Out

Jenelle Evans

She really should've known better. Jenelle Evans just got raked over the coals for being a hypocrite, after calling out her Teen Mom 2 co-stars on Twitter for being drama queens. Yup, Jenelle accused Kailyn Lowry, Leah Messer, and Chelsea DeBoer of stirring up drama. 

  • Interestingly, she left new BFF Briana DeJesus out, although she probably has the most drama-filled storyline of all this season. 

    Considering that Bri is dating Kailyn Lowry's ex-husband Javi Marroquin on this season's show, it's basically drama-central. Now that Javi's new girlfriend Lauren Comeau is pregnant, we know things are only going to get messier. 

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  • Anyway, the whole thing stemmed from an Instagram post Jenelle shared earlier this week of filming with Dr. Drew.

    Because she's not a drama queen at all, Jenelle refused to fly to New York City and film with the rest of the cast this season, because MTV fired her husband David Eason over his transphobic comments online, and also because he scared the crap out of the other cast members at the last reunion. 

    So MTV flew Dr. Drew to her in North Carolina, so she could film her segment of the reunion. Got that? Jenelle creates so much drama that they had to bring the production crew to her, because she literally can't be around the other ladies. 

  • It didn't take long before fans started calling Jenelle out for being nasty to her co-stars. 

    We'd hardly call Jenelle boring, but we do miss the interactions she used to have with her mom, Barbara Evans

  • People could not get over that Jenelle was calling out Kail, Leah, and Chels for stirring up drama.

    Whether Jenelle invites the drama, or it just seems to find her, there's always something going on with that one. Most recently she allegedly pulled a gun out on some guy in his driveway after a road rage incident. Pretty sure that's not the action of a woman who enjoys living a drama-free life. 

  • And of course people pointed out how many times she's been the main cause of drama at the reunion shows. 

    We have seen a lot of reunion shows where MTV cameras are out in the street watching Jenelle's car pull away as she refuses to film for whatever reason. Jenelle can do what she wants, and as long as she has a contract with MTV, it's between them and her how much filming she does and where. But it's ludicrous that she's calling out her co-stars for bringing out the drama.