Becca Kufrin Can't Shut Up About Being Engaged -- Why Are We Still Watching?


Becca Kufrin

We've heard it from the woman herself! Becca Kufrin is happily engaged, after filming her season of The Bachelorette. In fact, she can't shut up about how happy and in love she is, and how confident she is in her new relationship. Why are we even watching again?

  • The 28-year-old made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Monday night, and dished all about her new fiance -- well everything except his name, of course. 

    When Kimmel asked her why she wasn't wearing her engagement ring, she responded that she had to keep something for the big reveal at the end of the season. Because that's what we're in the most suspense over -- what cut her diamond from Neil Lane is. How about giving us something to root for, like her finding happiness again? We're glad she's found it, of course, but they're called spoilers for a reason. 

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  • Becca pretty much gave away the whole show, including the fact that Jordan doesn't make it to the end. 

    OK, so we kind of figured that Zoolander wasn't going to last too far into the season, but we have to admit we're going to be sad to watch him go. Becca confirmed that Jordan isn't The One after Kimmel called him "maybe the dumbest person that's ever been on television." Becca said that "Jordan is Jordan," and called him a "unique person." Pretty sure that means he doesn't get her final rose. 

  • She also confirmed that Arie makes another appearance on the show, although Lauren Burnham waited out in the golf cart. 

    We're guessing that producers brought him in for some added drama, since Becca is pretty much giving away the whole show on her press tour. 

    She did open up about how her experience with Arie several months ago helped her to have confidence in her current relationship. She explained, "I fell in love and I was ready to commit to Arie. I think that in hindsight now, he was always one foot in and one foot out. I could kind of sense the tension or anxiety there for a little bit, but it wasn't until the breakup where I was like, ‘OK!'…I think having this time be on my terms I was just much more intuitive. I really just went with my heart, followed my head and made the right choice."

  • Of course we're thrilled for Becca and happy that it looks like she's getting her happily ever after.

    But we'd be lying if we said we didn't wish there was a but more suspense.