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  • There are comments like this one, calling her out for leaving Lux behind:

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  • And this one, saying she shouldn't be traveling, she should be job hunting.

  • There's even this one, which is just straight up mean.

    Seriously, was this necessary?!

  • Honestly, it just seems like Kail is having the time of her life and these people want to bring her down, which is NOT cool.

    Thanks to the show, we already know this lady has been dealing with so much drama lately, especially where Javi Marroquin and Briana DeJesus are concerned. Between that, raising three little ones, and the regular stress of daily life, we think she deserves a chance to get away. After all, moms are humans too -- and we all need a break sometimes.

  • We hope she keeps having a blast, despite what the haters say.

    Our fingers are crossed that the Teen Mom 2 cameras are filming. We want to see all of her adventures!