'Bachelor' Nation's Unexpected Love Triangle Is the Last Thing Becca Kufrin Needs


Becca Kufrin, Colton Underwood

There have only been two episodes of The Bachelorette so far this season, and already, the drama is real. On Monday night's episode, Colton Underwood revealed he dated Tia Booth earlier this year... and Becca Kufrin's reaction to the news was not good. What's really been going on between them?! 

  • Since night one, fans have been in love with former pro-footballer Colton, but Monday night was not great for him.

    Admitting to Becca that he and Tia briefly hooked up in January was hard enough, but Becca trying to grapple with the fact that he dated her friend and decide whether or not to give him a rose and let him stick around for another week was even worse.

    And after a little investigating, there's actually evidence that he and Tia were hooking up -- and it's way easier to find than you might think.

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  • Exhibit A: 

    Heart eye emoji: a tell tale sign that something is up.

  • Exhibit B: 

    Not only is Colton's analysis of The Bachelor spot on, but it's also more proof that he was into Tia at the time. Interesting ... 

  • Unfortunately, that's all that seems to be out there -- and as far as we can tell, it hasn't hurt Becca and Tia's friendship. 

    However, as the promo for next week's episode has shown, Becca is going to confront Tia when she and other women from Arie's season join her as guest stars. And thank God for that, because we are dying for all the juicy details.

  • Especially since Raven Gates seems to have some tea to spill on the subject.

  • Whatever happens, we sincerely hope that Colton is telling Becca the whole truth.

    Becca Kufrin, Colton Underwood

    There's already been enough off-screen Bachelorette drama after fans uncovered Garrett Yrigoyen's Instagram past, so maybe Becca deserves smooth sailing for the rest of the season after this? Yeah, we definitely think so -- but only time (and next week's episode, hopefully) will tell.