Farrah Abraham Just Spent $150 on Apple Juice for Sophia

Farrah Abraham, Sophia Abraham

Talk about opulence! Farrah Abraham has always been about the best things in life for herself and her 9-year-old daughter Sophia, but she's outdone even herself on her latest vacation to Dubai. Farrah's first-class trip with Soph even including a tea time, completely with $150 apple juice

  • We weren't even aware that apple juice could cost $150, but we're not surprised at all that Farrah found it, and ordered it up for her daughter. 

    To be fair, that's sparkling apple juice, and it's $150 for the whole bottle, not just a glass, according to PEOPLE magazine. And it has edible gold flecks in it. Do you know what else costs $150 a bottle though? A bottle of Dom Perignon. Just saying that we'd spend that on champagne for ourselves before we spent it on sparkling juice for our kids, but to each their own. 

    But it's not like Farrah isn't about spoiling her daughter. She does have a miniature horse, after all. 

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  • Spoiled or not, Sophia has gotten one heck of a vacation thanks to her famous mom. 

    How many kids can say they've ridden a camel on the beach in Dubai? Not many. 

  • Farrah and Sophia even got to take a ride in this flying contraption.

    We're not sure what exactly it is, but it definitely looks like it's part of the lifestyles of the rich and famous, and it looks like a whole lot of fun! 

  • They even traveled first class. This a picture from the airplane

    Yup, Emirates has personal showers available for first class passengers. 

  • We're not saying we're jealous of a 9-year-old...

    Oh who are we kidding? We're totally jealous of Sophia! This vacation looks like a total blast, and honestly, which how much she's had to deal with in her short life already, we're not going to begrudge it of her one bit. 

    After all, what's $150 for apple juice when you're taking showers in a plane and ridding camels on the beach? It's all just complete decadence.