Becca Kufrin's Guys Just Got Introduced by Chris Harrison & We're Going to Need Some Popcorn

Becca Kufrin

Becca Kufrin's season of The Bachelorette is nearly here, and we are ready for it. So are 28 men, who are all vying to win the lovely lady's heart. Chris Harrison announced all 28 guys on a Facebook Live video on Thursday, and well ... let's just say there were definitely some standouts. 

  • Chris called Blake "an interesting guy," and mentioned that he and Becca hit it off.

    He also pointed out that you may remember him from the After the Final Rose special, when he rode in on a horse. Chris teased that he "rides something else in" for the premiere. 

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  • Be sure to keep your eye on Chase, as he's apparently involved in "a little drama."

    Chris said the drama happens on night one in the mansion ... could he be the guy who keeps stealing Becca away from the other suitors? We'll just call him this season's Chelsea Roy

  • Chris said Clay might be the "most athletic guy we've ever had on the show."

    Those might be fighting words this season, as there appear to be a plethora of professional athletes, including a former Harlem Globetrotter. 

  • There's David, aka "The Chicken Man."

    If you saw the first promo for this season, you know that one of Becca's suitors shows up in a chicken suit. We love Chris's comment on this one -- "Um, wow." He added that there's never a reason to show up in a chicken suit. Ever

  • Male model Jordan is a male model, who apparently likes to spend a lot of time talking about how taxing it is to be a male model. 

    Chris warned the audience, "Just think Ben Stiller ... Zoolander. You are welcome, America." We cannot wait. 

  • Honestly though, the guy we're looking forward to meeting the most is Leo's hair. 

    We seriously hope Becca keeps this one around for a while, even if just to touch his hair when she feels like it. We're living vicariously through you, Becca!